Wednesday, July 17, 2002

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It's time for Rushford Days

Mayor of Rushford from 1994 until 2002 when he was defeated by Roberton. Morken, president of the Rushford Historical Society, believes the most revolutionary developments in Rushford have been the construction of a dike system in 1968 to hold flood waters at bay and the establishment of Lake Center Industries in that same year, which later became TRW Electronics.

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Primaries needed for 3 local races

Three candidates each who have filed in Districts 2, 3 and 5 in Winona County will require primary elections for seats held by incumbents Judy Gilow, Jerry Heim and Kathy Buswell.

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Dist. 861 kindergarden minus 150

Translated into dollars: loss of $1million plus

One hundred and fifty District 861 families did not choose Winona Public Schools for their fall kindergartners, and district officials, reeling from the million dollar blow, are trying to find out why.

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K-8 in; Middle school out

While District 861 continues adding to the population of the middle school and talks of potentially closing elementary schools down the road, many other districts across the country are doing exactly the opposite.

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Chilli ­ 1 year old, female, calico with long hair. With beautiful markings and golden eyes, Chilli would make a wonderful addition to any household that does not already have a cat. She seems happiest in a one on one situation.

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