Sunday, July 28, 2002

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Courthouse deadline set for Nov. 15

County will have a 'one hundred year building'

By a 3-1 vote Tuesday night, county commissioners voted to approve a $1.6 million contract to tuck point the Winona County Courthouse, bringing the total renovation bill to nearly $9 million.

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Got something weird to sell? You're not alone

For Sale: My dignity.
Description: My dignity for sale. The winner will receive a piece of paper that says "My Dignity" on it, with my signature. Warning: I may become a sad man after relinquishing my dignity. No shipping costs in U.S. Starting bid: $2.00

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Omaha ­ 2 year old male, white with tiger striped markings. A new arrival, he is vocal and affectionate, crawled up in my lap the first time I met him to take a snooze and continues to seek out human attention.

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The story is building! Take a look at the patio furniture...

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A Breast Cancer NoteBook

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