Sunday, August 11, 2002

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Drawdown, habitat restoration may be coming to Pool 5 soon

Pool 8 work called a success

Wednesday morning, bright and early, 85 passengers boarded the motor vessel Mississippi, departing Lock and Dam Number 8, La Crosse.

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There'll be a whole lot of Shakespear going down

Hear ye, hear ye! If a Winona group's Mid Summer Night's Dream comes true, there could be a whole lot of Shakespeare going on in Winona by 2004.

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Procedural quetions delayed 4-H Funding

Although not yet a sure thing, Winona County Administrator Bob Reinert said Thursday the county should be able to fund a new full-time 4-H coordinator for 2003.

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Train, Truck collision damages Bay State building

No one was injured Thursday when a Union Pacific locomotive pushed a semi-trailer into a Bay State Milling shed at Second and Franklin streets.

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