Sunday, September 15, 2002

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On The Map: Pickwick

Pickwick has its day

Pickwick is a small village in rural Winona known for a historic flour mill, a disastrous flood and scenic beauty.

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MPCA fines City for late reporting

Failure by the City of Winona last fall to report to state officials two spills of dredged material into a county ditch and private wetland during its $4 million dredge operation in East Lake Winona will cost $40,000.

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Alzheimer's Walk

Alzheimer's Disease is not just a family problem, it is a disease that is eroding the fabric of the global economy. This information, contained in a press release by the Alzheimer's Association, sheds new light on the impact of Alzheimer's not just on individuals, but businesses as well.

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Police work: rewarding, frustrating

TNearly every night we are inundated with images of TV cops, surly gun-wielding tough guys with an attitude and a badge. Each call is high drama, each criminal elusive, and each case neatly solved in an hour or less.

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Peaches ­ 1 year old female, orange with white markings, she is declawed. She is adjusting well to the other cats being around when she is not in the kennel, but once she is in the kennel the other cats drive her crazy!

Rumba ­ 10 month old female, dark colored tabby. She has only been with us two days, but has made herself comfortable as part of the office atmosphere. She is affectionate and petite.

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The story is building! Take a look at the patio furniture...

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A Breast Cancer NoteBook

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