Sunday, September 29, 2002

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Courthouse construction continues
Construction continues outside and inside of the Winona County Courthouse

Will the courthouse be done on time? Some are not so sure

Where will Winona County court employees go if the courthouse is not completed by the Dec. 31 deadline, Board Chair Duane Bell asked this week.

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Test scores decline in Winona

According to the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment, many Winona third and fifth graders are behind the curve when it comes to reading and performing math functions at their grade level.

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Public comments will shape Upper Mississippi Refuge plan

On Wednesday, area citizens voiced concerns about the rights of hunters and fishermen, keeping the river free of litter and runoff and the effects of barge traffic during a public meeting conducted by officials of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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County approves Rural Addressing

With very little discussion or fanfare, the Winona County Board adopted a Rural Addressing Ordinance Tuesday night to initiate the process of naming rural roads and assigning addresses.

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