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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Will Vikes pillage, sack Lambeau? (11/16/2005)
By John Edstrom

Well fans, had it been I at the wheel of this vehicle last week, rather than my distinguished associate football journalist, Mr. Marek, I would have advised one and all to mortgage the house, sell the farm, and bet everything against the Purple out in New Jersey. Since I was out of town I didn't, and therefore the lapse does not go on my record. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good, which was true of the Vikes as well on Sunday.

I don't know why Tom Coughlin came so close to a fit of apoplexy - it was obvious that his team was destined to lose that day, although with the two missed Edinger field goals early on, it looked just the opposite at first.

But Eli Manning and his receivers played so badly there was no way they could win against high schoolers. Four interceptions, (one run back for a TD plus yet another which bounced off Corey Chavous' chest), one fumble, and two TDs given up on special teams add up to a day they should have stayed in bed. Giants who got home safely that night might have given thanks they weren't run over by a bus.

The giddiness occasioned in fans of the Purple by a two-game winning streak should be tempered by the knowledge that, had they faced a QB who was not having a career bad day, the Vikes could have easily been blown out of East Rutherford as thoroughly as they were from Cincinnati or Atlanta. It is scary to watch a team that is so inept on offense. If they don't discover some clue as to how to pick up the blitz, Brad Johnson will soon ride the gurney.

Sunday, there were more Giants in the backfield with him than Vikings, even on running plays. It is hard to fault Michael Bennett under those circumstances, but I hope that Mewelde Moore is ready to go against the Cheeseheads next Monday. Given little room, it is obvious that Moore is the tougher runner except, perhaps, in regard to staying healthy, which is saying something. If the Vikes can't give Bennett a few more steps to get into gear at Lambeau, I'd like a better look at Ciatrick Fason.

On defense, it is hard to know if the Vikes took a step up last Sunday, or if it was just Eli Manning being terrible. They seemed to generate a bit more pass rush than usual, but the bottom line is that you seldom see a purple jersey anywhere near the opposing QB when it's third and a bunch. That makes it a long day for the Vikes defense as well as their fans.

Next week it's the Cheeseheads at Lambeau, where the Purple will probably not be favored if there is any justice. The Vikes must slow down the run and put some pressure on Favre , protect their passer better against the blitz, and open some holes for the running backs. Come to think of it, that's about what it takes for any Team A to beat Team B in this league. I better copyright that.

My instinct, based on many a year of Vikes watching, is that this team is incapable of seizing the day against a beatable opponent to salvage its season. 


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