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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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4-H News (12/07/2005)
Carolyn Dingfelder

4-H Program Coordinator

Winona County

Record Keeping - this is an integral part of 4-H Youth Development. Record keeping is one of the many life skills needed throughout life and one that is taught in the 4-H Program through the four-fold development of Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Through the development of "Head" the life skills of Managing; which includes resiliency, keeping records, wise use of resources, planning and organizing, and goal settings; and Thinking which includes service learning, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and learning to learn are targeted.

The 4-H records have three functions: planning - what one wants to learn or do in a project; reporting - what one accomplished; and evaluating - how well one did. These records that our 4-H'ers keep are a teaching and learning tool to be used throughout the 4-H year by which a 4-H'er is not just doing an activity but also learning by doing it, sharing it, understanding it, relating it and using it. Record keeping also encourages reflection, the understanding and relating of the project so that the 4-H'er may apply their learning to other situations and to future planning. Through record keeping our youth have the ability to see to what degree they have participated and grown in 4-H activities and how they have improved in their project work. Also, they see how they have helped to improve their communities for others. Records most importantly help 4-H members establish goals, assume responsibility, collect data and evaluate their progress.

Winona County 4-H Program recently recognized our county 4-H'ers who submitted their records for evaluation at both the club and county level. Clubs were recognized for their overall commitment and accomplishment, state fair participants and judging teams were also recognized along with our 4-H'ers graduating from their career within the 4-H Program. Following are the results:

6 grade + record winners

Heidi Allen - Beef, Swine

Paige Allen - Beef, Horticulture/Gardening,Swine

Riley Anderson - Beef

Nathan Bergan - Fine Arts, Poultry

Chelsea Berndt - Veterinary Science, Goat, Exploring Animals, Safety, Photography,

Poultry, Consumer Ed, Global Connections,Food & Nutrition

Bo Beyer - Swine

Brooke Beyer - Swine

Lisa Brogan - Beef, Clothing

Mara Brogan - Clothing, Beef

Stacy Brogan - Beef, Clothing

Jordan Buckbee - Poultry

Jaymi Buege - Fine Arts

Indiana Burt - Rabbit, Horse, Food & Nutrition, Arts & Crafts

Kaitlyn Carothers - Arts & Crafts, Exploring the Environment, VeterinaryScience,Horticulture, Needlearts, Photography, Self-Determined, Gardening

Janan Christie - Dairy

Emily Clobes - Arts & Crafts, Exploring Animals

Kelly Conner - Home Environment, Sheep

Shane Coulter - Beef, Goat

Bethany Dahl - Demonstration

Jeff Dick - Sheep

Joe Dick - Sheep

Scott Dick - Sheep

Regina Dolan - Clothing

Christopher Dranckhahn - Self-Determined, Health, Wildlife, Food & Nutrition

Michael Duncanson - Dairy

Nick Duncanson - Dairy

Katie Dunlay - Dog

Lisa Ellinghuysen - Horse

Laurie Ellsworth - Dog, Poultry

John Gaspar - Arts & Crafts

Anna Gaspar - Quilting, Clothing, Fine Arts,Child Development, Llama

Danielle Haag - Beef

Cody Hager - Self-Determined

Shea Halvorson - Swine

Amanda Harguth - Beef

Wyatt Harguth - Beef

Kyle Honsey - Photography

Derek Ihrke - Dairy, Rabbit

Lance Ihrke - Dairy, Rabbit

Lyndsie Kaehler - Beef

Cortney Kieffer - Dairy

Alex Kjos - Goat, Creative Arts

Nick Kryzer - Swine

Alexandria Kvenvold - Dairy

Jenelle Laska - Dairy

Nathan Laska - Dairy

Joe Lorenz - Swine

Victoria Lorenz - Swine

Jordyn Lubinski - Beef

Maggie Lubinski - Beef

Alicia Metz - Pets, Fine Arts, Photography, Consumer Ed, Citizenship, Exploring Animals, Home Environment

Britany Metz - Consumer Education, Creative Arts, Fine Arts, Vet Science, Child Development, Forestry

Courtney Metz - Photography, Needlearts

Emily Moses - Horticulture/Gardening, Poultry, Pets

Allie Mueller - Sheep, Needlearts, Food & Nutrition

Barry Nelson - Arts & Crafts, Photography, Self Determined, Performing Arts, Citizenship, Rabbits, Poultry

Katie Olson - Dairy

Katelyn Orth - Dairy, Creative Arts

Gretchen Papenfuss - Poultry

Adam Pecinovsky - Swine

Jared Persons - Self-Determined

John Peterson - Fine Arts, Sheep

Tess Polachek - Performing Arts

Michelle Potter - Clothing

Samantha Quandahl - Photography

Mike Reps - Swine

Marty Reps - Swine

Nick Reps - Dairy

Samantha Reps - Clothing

Chantel Ressie - Beef

Katie Richards - Arts & Crafts, Photography,Self-Determined, Demonstration, Clothing, Poultry

Joshua Roberts - Rabbits

Claire Sackreiter - Beef, Swine, Self-Determined

Emily Sackreiter - Beef, Swine, Rabbit

Mary Sackreiter - Beef, Rabbit, Swine, Food & Nutrition, Fine Arts

Hailey Samples - Photography

Pete Schell - Dairy

Carl Schlitz - Self-Determined

Jared Seinola - Beef

Cedric Speltz - Clothing, Dairy

Hilman Speltz - Dairy

Samantha Steinfest - Rabbit, Photography, Food & Nutrition, Horse, Horse-Related

Dion Stephans - Pets

Stephanie Stephans - Fine Arts & Crafts, Pets, Photography

Aaron Thesing - Dairy

Brandon Thesing - Dairy

Tracy Traxler - Clothing

Adam Troendle - Aerospace

Jason Troendle - Horticulture/Gardening, Swine

Rachel Troendle - Clothing

Jackie Tveten - Dairy

Zach Vick - Goat

Tiffany Wait - Rabbit, Creative Arts, Health, Performing Arts, Pets, Photography, Citizenship, Home Environment, Horticulture/Gardening, Child Development

Brenda West - Exploring Animals

Jessica Woodard - Beef

Heather Zimmerman - Rabbit

3-5th grade winners

Ross Anderson - Wildlife

Ashley Beyer - Horse, Home Environment, Woodworking

Jessica Buckbee - Food & Nutrition

Cody Coulter - Horticulture, Swine

Daniel Dahl - Aerospace

Destiny Dux - Clothing, Pets, Performing Arts, Llama, Electric, Exploring Animals, Food Preservation, Fine Arts, Creative Arts, Home Environment, Fashion Revue, Entomology, Photography, Digital Photography

Laine Halvorson - Swine, Horticulture, Food & Nutrition

Clint Harguth - Beef

Abe Hauge - Beef

JorliI Hauge - Beef

Carmen Kryzer

Spencer Kurth - Poultry

Claire Mastenbrook - Creative Crafts, Fine Arts

Nathan Metz - Exploring Animals

Aaron Miller - Beef

Susan Miller - Clothing, Geology, Llama, Self-Determined, Horticulture, Arts & Crafts, Entomology, Woodworking, Forestry

Karli Moger - Fleece Blanket

Grace Nelson - Food & Nutrition, Clothing, Entomology, Child Development, Needlearts

Joshiah Nelson - Forestry, Self-Determined, Wildlife, Arts & Crafts, Woodworking

Michael Nunemacher - Woodworking, Wildlife/Biology, Food & Nutrition

Eryn Orth

Lydia Papenfuss - Fine Arts

Cody Pecinovsky - Food & Nutrition

Elizabeth Polachek - Llama, Exploring Animals, Wildlife

Abbey Quandahl - Performing Arts

Emily Quandahl - Performing Arts

Nathan Reps - Dairy

Trisha Reps - Clothing

Jackson Riebel - Beef, Photography

Megan Seeley - Entomology

Kelsie Snyder - Poultry, Arts & Crafts

Galyn Speltz - Creative Arts

Amanda Steinfest - Rabbit, Fine Arts

Melinda Steinfest - Arts & Crafts, Horse

Grant Vick - Goat, Horticulture

Taylor Wait - Arts & Crafts, Photography, Fine Arts, Horticulture/Gardening, Child Development, Pets, Clothing, Home Environment

Nicole Zettler - Clothing

Cloverbuds - K-2nd Grade

Andrew Bergan - SC, Jenny Beyer - UV, John Clobes - ERP, Colter Dabelstein - SC, Amy Pospichal-Heublein - ERP, Chelsey Honsey - HH, Steve Kurth - SHH, Thomas Luhmann - HH, Holly McElmury - LHHH, Alec Meinke - BCSE, Hayden Meinke - BCSE, Kenzie Mueller - SC, Paige Mundt - SC, Rachel Nunemacher - LVV, Pearl Papenfuss - PBB, Maddie Puetz - UV, Lauren Reps - SC, Sam Riebel - SHH, Avery Simmons - BCSE, Amelia Speltz - LHHH, Shawn Wegman - SC

Key Awards (Certificate & Pin)

Katie Olson - FGC, Tiffany Wait - WRC

Leadership (Certificate)

Lisa Brogan -SC, Mara Brogan - SC, Paul Brogan - SC, Stacy Brogan - SC, Eric Decker - SC, Shea Halverson - UV, Lance Ihrke - UV, Cortney Kieffer - UV, Nathan Laska - PBB, Tiffany Wait - WRC

4-H Achievement Award

Tiffany Wait - WRC

4-H Alumni

Janet Beyer - SHH, Gerard Brogan - SC, John Brogan - SC

Federation Officers ‘05-'06 (pins)

Hailey Samples - President

Andy Kryzer - Vice President

Tiffany Wait" Secretary

Cortney Kieffer - Treasurer

Maggie Lubinski - Reporter

Claire Sackreiter & Shane Coulter - Historians

Mara Brogan, Derek Ihrke - At Large

4-H Graduates

Lisa Brogan - SC, Stacy Brogan - SC, Lisa Ellinghuysen - WF, Margaret Groth - PBB, Taylor Halverson - UV, Amanda Harguth - LVV, Heather Kelly - SC, Holly Kelly - SC, Katie Olson - FGC, Michael Reps - HH, Matthew Speltz - MVB

4-H'ERS with 5+ Records

Chelsea Berndt - SHH, Kaitlyn Carothers - WRC, Destiny Dux - WRC, Anna Gaspar - WRC, Alicia Metz - HH, Brittany Metz - HH, Susan Miller - WRC, Barry Nelson - BCSE, Grace Nelson - HH, Josiah Nelson - HH, Katie Richards - SC, Mary Sackreiter - SC, Samantha Steinfest - ASR, Taylor Wait - WRC, Tiffany Wait - WRC

State Fair Demonstrations

Bethany Dahl - UV, Katie Richards - SC, Brenda West - ERP

State Fair Purple Ribbon Winners (Certificate)

Heidi Allen - Beef

Brady Beyer - Swine

Brian Beyer - Swine

Brooke Beyer - Swine

Lisa Brogan - Beef

Kaitlyn Carothers - Needlearts

Shane Coulter - Goat

Joe Dick - Sheep

Regina Dolan - Fashion Revue

Dani Haag - Beef

Cody Hager- Self Determined

Wyatt Harguth - Beef Showmanship

Wyatt Harguth - Beef

Lance Ihrke - Dairy

Alex Kjos - Fine Arts

Andy Kryzer - Swine

Emily Moses - Poultry

Adam Pecinovsky - Swine

John Peterson - Sheep

Michael Reps - Swine

Chantel Ressie - Beef

Jared Seinola - Beef

Brandon Thesing - Dairy

State Fair Judging Teams:

Rabbit - Tiffany Wait, Indie Burt, Samantha Steinfest

Horse - Lisa Ellinghuysen, Lindsay Schwantz

Dairy -

Senior Team 1 - Cortney Kieffer, Nathan Laska, Brandon Thesing, Abbie Wirt

Individual - Katie Olson

Intermediate Team 1 - Jessica Woodard, Michael Duncanson, Aaron Thesing, Jacki Tveten

Intermediate Team 2 - Andrew Hornberg, Nick Reps, Pete Schell

Top Secretary Books:

Altura Sky Rockets

Echo Ridge Pioneers

Saratoga Challengers

Utica Victory

Club Achievement (Certificates)

Altura Sky Rockets

Echo Ridge Pioneers

Lewiston Helping Hands & Hearts

Little ValleyVictors

Mt. Vernon Beacons

Pleasant Busy Bees

Saratoga Challengers

Silo Happy Hustlers

Utica Victory



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