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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Regional Science Fair results (03/09/2006)

The 53rd Annual Southeastern Minnesota Regional Science Fair was held at St. Mary's University of Minnesota in Winona on March 3. One hundred forty-three students competed from seven different schools. Students were divided into 120 projects in 13 different categories. Twenty-six students also competed in a Science Paper Competition. All students received ribbons and certificates of attendance. A variety of special awards included military and many organizational awards. The top 40 projects will advance to the state science fair to be held April 2-4, at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel in St. Paul. The top four senior division papers advance to the tri-state symposium at the same location on April 1-2. The top six junior division papers also will advance to the state competition. The top two individual projects and the top team project in the senior division advance to the international science and engineering fair(ISEF) to be held May 7-13, in Indianapolis, IN.

SE MN Regional Science Fair 2006 AWARDS Mr. Ken Mann, Winona Area Public Schools (WSHS and WMS)

Military Awards

US Air Force: Engineering "” Kate WeegmanΒ­Β­"” Winona Senior High School; Physics "” Nathan Graetz "” Winona Middle School

US Navy/US Marines Corps: Senior

Behavioral Sci.Β­ "” Shiyu Xu "” WSHS; Junior:

Physics "” Naeh Klages-Mundt "” WMS; Physics "” Nathan Graetz "” WMS

Organization Special Awards

American Fisheries Society: Senior Division: Environmental Science: Mitch and Matt Weegman "” WSHS

American Meteorological Society: Environmental Science: Viviane Bain "” WMS

American Psychological Association: Behavioral Science "” Shiyu Xu"”WSHS

ASM International Foundation: Engineering "” Ari Klages-Mundt "” WSHS

Bartlett W. Foster Award: Senior: Environment Science "” Camille Nicholson/Elaine Ayers "” WSHS

Bird Song: Environmental "” Matt & Mitch Weegman"” WSHS

Discovery Communications, Inc. And Science Service: Biochemistry "” Ben Pflughoeft "”WMS; Botany"” Emily Antoff "” WMS; Engineering "” Izabelle Lewis "” WMS; Physics "” Agnes Mroz "” WMS; Physics "” Nathan Graetz "” WMS; Physics "” Sam Larson "” WMS; Physics "” Naeh Klages-Mundt "” WMS

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association: Engineering "” Ari Klages-Mundt "” WSHS

International Society for Optical Engineering: Physics "” Naeh Klages-Mundt "” WMS

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Environmental Science "” Viviane Bain "” WMS

National Society of Professional Engineers: Engineering "” Kate Weegman "” WSHS

Ricoh Sustainable Development Award: Engineering "” Kate Weegman "” WSHS

US Metric Association: Physics "” Agnes Mroz "” WMS

Water Environmental Federation (Stockholm Junior Water Prize): Environmental Science "” Matt and Mitch Weegman "” WSHS

Dr. Robert E. Sloan: Microbiology "” LeiLani Oas "”WMS

Research Paper Awards

Research Paper Ribbons

Research Paper State Fair Winners


Leilani Oas, Naeh Klages-Mundt, Tim Van Cleave, Caitlin Reineke, Ava Jensen, Elizabeth Lewis

Research Paper Symposium Winners


Matt & Mitch Weegman, Elaine Ayers & Camille Nicholson, Will Xu, Ari Klages-Mundt

Project Ribbons and Top Awards

Project Medal Winners


1. Behavioral Science Will Xu, WSHS

4. Engineering Ari Klages-Mundt, WSHS

Kate Weegman WSHS

5. Environmental Sci. Mitch and Matt Weegman WSHS


2. Biochemistry Tim Van Cleave WMS

11. Microbiology LeiLani Oas WMS

12. Physics Naeh Klages-Mundt WMS

Nathan Graetz WMS

Director's Creativity Award

1. Nathan Graetz WMS

Alternate Observers to ISEF

1. Kate Weegman WSHS

Individual finalists

1. Shiyu Xu WSHS

2. Ari Klages-Mundt WSHS

Team finalists

1. Matt and Mitch Weegman WSHS

Project Ribbons 2006

Purple WMS Emily Antoff, Jon-Michael Brandt, Kobi Dansingburg, John Gaspar, Nathan Graetz, Naeh Klages-Mundt, Sam Larson, LeiLani Oas, Ben Pflughoeft, TylerTasca, Tim VanCleave, Elaine Ayers

Purple Winona Senior High School Ari Klages-Mundt, Camille Nicholson, Kate Weegman, Mitch Weegman, Matt Weegman, Shiyu Xu, Megan Hatfield

Blue WMS Viviane Bain, Jonathan Birdsall, Ava Jensen, Sarah Meyer, Agnes Mroz, Caitlin Reineke, Kelly Connor, Lianna Hawthorne, Izabelle Lewis

Paper Ribbons 2006

Purple WMS Ava Jensen, Naeh Klages-Mundt, Izabelle Lewis, LeiLani Oas, Caitlin Reineke, Tim VanCleave

Purple WSHS Elaine Ayers,Ari Klages-Mundt, Camille Nicholson, Mitch Weegman, Matt Weegman, Shiyu Xu

Blue WMS Emily Antoff, Viviane Bain, Jonathan Birdsall, Jon-Michael Brandt, Nathan Graetz, Sarah Meyer, Agnes Mroz, Ben Pflughoeft, Tyler Tasca

Blue WSHS Megan Hatfield

Red WMS John Gaspar, Lianna Hawthorne, Sam Larson  


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