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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Postgame Bowling Report - 3/19/06 (03/19/2006)

Mandi Steffes and Keri Prigge have been locked in a battle for the high women's average in Winona the entire season.

With three weeks to go, Prigge owns a slim advantage with an average just under 214 on Wednesday night in the Sunsetters League at Westgate Bowl. Steffes has her average at just under 211 in the Mixers League at Westgate, and she's sitting at 210 on Mondays in the Pin Topplers League. With three weeks to go in the season, Prigge has the advantage.

It's been fun to watch the two put up big score after big score this year. Steffes leads the city with 41 honor counts, including six 700s. She's also got 18 other scores of 650 or better.

Prigge has three 700s, 29 total honor counts, plus 13 other scores of 650 or better.

Combined, the two have the top five series ever bowled in Winona. Steffes has the top three scores (787, 780 and 774), with the latter two coming this year. Prigge has the fourth (769) and fifth (762) best scores, with her 762 coming earlier this season.

It's a battle that Prigge has been keeping a close eye on.

"Oh yeah, I've got to keep on eye on what she's doing, without her watching me do it," said Prigge, who won average titles in both the 1999-2000 and 2000-01 seasons. "I do and I don't. I don't want her to know I'm watching her scores, but I do."

For Steffes, her eyes have been focused only on her set of lanes.

"I try not to worry about anyone else's game," said Steffes, who also have two average titles under her belt (2001-02 and 2003-04). "I try to keep my eyes off of other people's scores."

Both bowlers have a chance to break Krystal Dorman's city average record of 211. That was one of Steffes' goals at the beginning of the season.

"I'm so disappointed," Steffes said. "I wanted to make eight 700s and average 212 or more.

"My bowling is getting more consistent. My scores aren't going up and down. My spare game is better. I'm making improvement. But I'm not satisfied when I make just a 600."

Despite what Steffes calls struggling, she still managed a 620 honor count Monday night and a 613 on Wednesday. But she knows she can do better.

"Last night (Wednesday) I thought I bowled super good, but only bowled a 613," Steffes said. "I've been throwing a lot of small 600s. It takes a lot late in the season to get your average to go up.

"At the beginning of the second half, I was doing OK. I started to push too hard. I'm forcing it. Every week Dave (Hultgren, Westgate's manager) tells me not to overplay the shot."

Prigge has been on a tear the last two months. She tossed a 650 or better six straight weeks. Last Wednesday she had her lowest score in recent memory with a 640. She followed that with a 595 on Wednesday.

"The team is doing well and I'm more relaxed," said Prigge, who was the first Winona women ever to average over 200 (in the 2000-01 season). "I'm bowling in a couples league in Lewiston every other Saturday, in the traveling league every now and then, and on Monday at Winona Bowl. Bowling in the different houses has really helped."

For Steffes, it's been a great season, but she has the feeling she's going to come up just short of the average title.

"I really am not bowling that good," she said. "Keri's been bowling super good and I can't keep up."

But it's been a fun battle to watch.

Who's hot?

Paul Ciszak turned in the 26th 300 game of the season on Tuesday night in the American League at Westgate. He finished with a season-high 729 honor count.

Geoff Schewe blasted the top men's score of the week with a 787 series in the City League at Winona Bowl. Steve Hawley added a season-high 767 last Friday in the Masters League at Westgate.

Also rolling their top scores of the season were Bob Green (740), Dave Jumbeck (719) and Darrin Aarre (709). For Green and Jumbeck, it was their first 700s of the year. Greg Schewe (742, 704), Bill Bonow (739, 713) and Seth Bonow (737, 711) all added a pair of honor counts.

Keri Wegman paved the way for the women with a 677 honor count on Monday in the Alley Gaters League at Westgate. Sue Ingvaldson (648) and Rose Schultz (637) both tossed their top series of the season, while Yvonne Tamke rolled her first 600 with an even 600 last Friday in the Satellite League at Westgate.

A pair of men recorded their first career 600 series recently. Karl Johnson rolled a 634 last Thursday in the Knights of Columbus League at Westgate, and Adam Dickenson added a 608 in the Classic League at the Winona Athletic Club.

The big scores continue to roll in at Winona Bowl in the Junior Gold League. Last Saturday, Kyle Malewicki tallied a 705 series and Sami Kohner had a 611. 


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