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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Are we simpleminded? (03/19/2006)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How-to books! How-to books! How-to books! We have access to a great number of books that are filled with instruction on how-to make our lives somewhat better. These how-to books could fill the Coliseum in Rome. Of all the instructional books of the world only one book exceedingly surpasses all of them in content, yet this inspired book is the least read and the least sought-after for instructional purposes. Why is this invaluable, unequaled, errorless book on instruction for life lying in our homes unopened? The reason is that this supernatural book convicts us of wrongdoing and most of us don't like to be made aware of guilt-laden, corruptive behavior.

The best or preeminent book in the world is scoffed at and neglected, yet it is the only how-to book that is completely without error. It is the only divinely inspired book in the world. This book's unparalleled instruction is matchlessly perfect for any situation or circumstance. It is an instructional manual that will not fail or disappoint. We know that man's instructional books are not without mistakes, yet most of us choose these books over the only instructional book that is without error. Would it make any sense for us to go into a bookstore and pick out a how-to book that we knew had all kinds of misinformation in it? Can a sawhorse gallop?

Is there one how-to book that quite a number of people are afraid to read? Yes. It is the Bible. Again, people are afraid to read God's instructional book because they knew they will be convicted of wrongful behavior. Well, would it be a wise choice or a foolish choice for us to eliminate things in our lives that rob us, our spouses, our children and others of the joy that we could be experiencing in life? It is very perplexing as to why so many of us choose man's imperfection over God's perfection.

Is it wise for us to rely on error-ridden instructional books, while letting God's perfect instructional book collect dust? No. It is foolish for us to accept and rely on earthly instruction, while rejecting heavenly instruction. Everyone should be reading, complying to and relying on their Creator's manual for life. "How long, O naive one, will you love being simpleminded?" Proverbs 1:22A

Ponder Proverbs 8:33-36 


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