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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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The Peace of God? (04/02/2006)

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How many of us could be "correctly" labeled a habitual, tense worrywart? Do we worry because worrying is the remedy that brings us relief and comfort from a state of anxiety? Are bluebirds depressed? We have no reason to worry because God has promised to meet all of our needs. Philippeans 4:19 Anxiety will never enter our cerebrums if we become aware of God's desire to provide for our every need. His capability to meet our needs is limitless... "is one hundred percent" assured.

When we were children, did we worry about whether or not we were going to be fed? No. Did we worry about not having any clothes to wear? No. Did we worry about not having a place to sleep? No. We just assumed-rightly so- that our parents were going to take care of all our needs. We didn't fidget and fret about any of our needs. We trusted that Mom and Dad would take care of us. Philippeans 4:116 Since we did not worry about our earthly parents not meeting our needs, why should we ever worry about our heavenly Father not meeting our needs? Philippeans 4:19.

As Children of God, fretfulness should not occupy our minds. We can always be confident that our heavenly Father can and will meet our every need. The only dissuader to worrying is our complete trust in God.

Would our parents' feelings be uplifted if they knew we were worrywarts? No. Our needless worrying isn't going to uplift our spirits either. Our parents might ask, "Why don't you trust us? Don't you know that we love ?" John 3:16

When God takes first place in our lives, clamness -in every situation- will be the norm. Our parents may have failings, but our heavenly Father will never fail us. Because of distrust many of us tremble, but trusting in God will remove all the uncertainties that have taken up residency in our minds and are putting our nerves on edge.

God doesn't want worrying to be a part of our lives, whether it is frequent worrying or infrequent worrying. Worrying is never the solution to any problem. The end result of any problem will still be the same regardless of whether we have worried very little, if we have worried much, or not at all.

There is absolutely no benefit from being a worrywart. Worrying is not of any benefit to our health. Being a worrywart will not add to our happiness, for anyone else's happiness. We should trust God to always take care of our needs. Man may fail to meet his obligations to others, but God will never fail us. Do we have the Peace of God?

Ponder John 16:33 Philippeans 4:7 Psalm 29:11 Isaiah 26:3 Psalm 119:165a. 


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