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  Monday December 22nd, 2014    

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Postgame Bowling Report (04/02/2006)
by Jim Kohner

While the bowling season may be winding down for most bowlers, it appears to be heating up for Dale Bartelson.

The busy month started off when he won a singles tournament in Independence, Wis., the weekend of March 12-13. Bartelson averaged 249 to become the leader after six qualifying games. He fell to third place after match play, then won three straight matches in the stepladder finals to claim the championship.

Then it was off to the USBC National Tournament in Corpus Christi, Texas, on March 17-18. Coming up in April is the state tournament in Brainerd on April 15, and a tournament in Wabasha on April 22 where four professional bowlers will appear.

At the rate he's going, Bartelson will be done bowling just in time to start the softball season.

That's not to mention his regular nights of bowling on Tuesday and Thursday at Westgate Bowl, traveling to La Crosse to bowl every other Wednesday as well as traveling league on some weekends, and subbing every now and then in the City League at Winona Bowl.

"Last year I was traveling a lot more and missed a lot of weeks of bowling," said Bartelson, who's a safety supplies/product manager at Fastenal. "This year has been good for me for bowling."

The oddity of winning the tournament in Independence is that Bartelson already sent his three newest bowling balls via UPS to Corpus Christi, where he threw a respectable 1,687 all-events score in his third trip to nationals.

He's been bowling extremely well since returning to Texas. Tuesday night in the American League at Westgate, Bartelson tossed a season-high 797 series with games of 239, 300 and 258.

The 25-year-old is currently averaging around 230 on Tuesday night, 219 in the Classic League on Thursday, 210 at Pla-Mor Lanes in La Crosse on Wednesday, and 235 while subbing in the City League.

Bartelson is proving that he is anything but a one-house bowler.

"Tuesday we have a real fun team," Bartelson said. "It's the only league my dad (Kim) bowls in. This year they shot started tougher on Thursday. I had a slower start there. Overall, bowling a lot of different houses is fun. The second half of the season, I've bowled well wherever I've bowled.

"I've always bowled leagues at Westgate and heard people say why don't you bowl at Winona Bowl. I do want to get over to Winona Bowl. I've bowled there six weeks and am averaging 235, plus I bowled well in the city tournament there. It's easy to be called a one-house bowler when all your big scores are at one house. I've only bowled about 40 percent of my honor counts at Westgate this year."

Bartelson is one of a handful of talented young bowlers, along with Josh Wenzel and Geoff Schewe (to name a few), that might be on the verge of stealing the spotlight from veterans like John Glowczewski and Brian Fakler (to name a few).

"We've got a good mixture in Winona," Bartelson said. "Both sides push each other. We want to make a push and throw the scores like John and Brian. Now I think we've caught them and it's really evening out.

"There are so many good bowlers in Winona that we have to start getting in more tournaments. The level of bowlers in Winona is as good as La Crosse. We just need to bowl at different houses."

A rare feat

Having two women roll a 700 series on the same night is a rarity. But having two toss 700s on the same night, at the same bowling alley, in the same league, on the same set of lanes, and for the same team is even more unlikely.

But that's exactly what happened Wednesday night in the Lamplighter League at Winona Bowl when Angie Pomeroy turned in her first 700 of the season with a 717 (267-225-255), and Winona Bowl Pro Shop teammate Diane Marley added her third of the year with a 708 (256-236-216).

They led their team to a 3,369 series, which is only four pins from making the all-time top 10 for women's series.

Who's hot?

It was a night for season-high games and series last Thursday night at Westgate Bowl. Seth Bonow and Adam Stockhausen both rolled a 300 game that evening, while Greg Fakler (766), Dave Sobeck (747) and Aaron Spitzer (741) all rolled season-high series.

Veteran Bill Bonow continued his fine season Tuesday night with a 774 honor count in the American League at Westgate. Troy Evans added a season-high 769 last Friday in the Masters League at Westgate, and Brian Dunbar turned in a season-high 747 series Tuesday in the Blue Ribbon League at Winona Bowl.

Mary Jo Murray (613) and Jaime Goerts (607) both recorded their first 600s last week. Tina Brink enjoyed her finest night on the lanes Wednesday in the Starlite League at Winona Bowl with a 505 series - her first career 500. 


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