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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Minnesota’s spring wild turkey hunt underway (04/16/2006)
Turkey hunters who will take to the woods for the 2006 spring turkey hunting season should remember two things - be sure to have permission to hunt on the land and hunt safely.

"Don't assume that if you had permission to hunt a piece of land last year, that permission is granted this year," said Col. Mike Hamm, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Enforcement chief. "Talk to the landowner to find out if anyone else will be on the property and if they are restricted to any particular area."

Last year, there were no hunting incidents during the spring turkey hunting season.

"That's really good; our goal each year is to have no hunting incidents," Hamm said.

A key is firearms safety. "Hunters must identify the beard on the turkey before they shoot and know what is behind the target," Hamm noted.

Hamm said there are a number of things hunters need to think about before going into the woods. File a hunting plan someplace so people know what you're doing and where you are.

"Leave a note on the refrigerator saying this is when I will be home and this is exactly where I will be - plan your hunt and hunt your plan," he said.

Be considerate to farmers. "Hunters should remember that farmers will be doing field work, so they should not block any field access points," Hamm said.

Hamm offered some turkey hunting tips:

- avoid wearing patriotic colors - red, white and blue - because they are predominant colors in turkeys

- wear blaze orange going to and from the hunting location

- be sure of the target

- never stalk a gobble; it may be coming from another hunter

- register birds; every person who takes a turkey must personally present it for registration

- leave the feathers, head and feet on the wild turkey until it is registered; after registration, the fully feathered head, an intact wing, or one leg and foot must remain attached during transport

- do not possess an unregistered wild turkey outside the permit area where it was taken unless it is being transported in a direct route to a egistration station

- obey and support all wildlife laws and report any observed violations.

"Turkey hunters can keep their sport honorable by promptly reporting violations," Hamm said. Violations can be called in to Turn In Poachers at 1-800-652-9093. 


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