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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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A cheerful heart? (04/16/2006)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Negativism! Negativism! Negativism! We have become a nation that is clamoring with negativism. God is criticized. Biblical Christians are criticized. Good-intentioned people are criticized. America is criticized. Yes, we can always find something negative to say about anybody because no one is perfect, however, fault-finding of one's character is not good medicine for anyone.

There is a great need to reverse negativism to positivism. How can we do this? By repressing the unmistakable, habitual, nonstop vilification of others. Words of praise are tranquilizing to us; words of condemnation are very disturbing to us. Piercing words can pop our thermometers.

The world would fare far better if everyone concentrated on the positive instead of the echoing of tiresome negativism. Rather than releasing harmful arrows of criticism at one another, we should release arrows of benevolence. We should speak words that will please, comfort, and heal, not words that will discredit, anger, and wound. We struggle with keeping our lips zipped from speaking unflattering, inappropriate, abominable words, because man's nature is to criticize rather than to praise. Our ears are overflowing from daily portions of incessant criticism. Jeremiah 17:9

We should praise one another for the good that is in us and tread lightly when dealing with our negative attributes. Of course positive, soft-spoken, uncompromising words of correction are needed, however, we shouldn't correct, discipline or advise anyone by yelling into a megaphone, by raising our voices so many decibels that we shatter our vocal cords, or by looking at someone in such a scowful, threatening way that it would put a Sherman tank in reverse. Proverbs 15:1

Negativism has become a part of our daily lives. Our nation is engrossed with an obsessional addiction to very irksome pessimism. Just watch the news. Yucky pooh! Nearly everything is negative, negative, negative! Hearing the same rat-a-tat-tat bad-mouthing day after day is wearying and depressing.

Does any good ever replace all the negativism that we hear! Probably very little. After all, what is the usual response to negativism or criticism? More negativism and more criticism. Right? Right.

What is the solution to negativism? Everyone should try his or her best to replace negativism with positivism. It should be the responsibility and good of everyone to implant a cheerful heart within everyone. Do you have a cheerful heart! Proverbs 15:13, 15

Ponder Matthew 5:22 Romans 12:19 I Thessalonians 5:15 


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