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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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The antidote? Chronicles 7:14 (06/18/2006)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If our Founding Fathers (framers of the U.S. Constitution) miraculously appeared on the scene in America, streams of tears would soon be flowing down their cheeks. They would be in shock. After listening to Americans and observing them but for a short period of time, they might aptly cry out, "Dear God! Is this really America?! What has happened? How has Satan taken over America?!" They would be wagging their heads in disbelief and disgust. They might ask themselves this question: Why have Americans allowed such stomach-churning, vomitous God-awfulness to overrun America?

It is likely (because of their having witnessed such a devilishly monumental change) that they would become nauseous with utter disgust and horror. They would be horrified and deeply troubled by the great amount of moral decadence within the hearts of so many Americans.

The moral foundation of the America of our Founding Fathers was very strong. Today it has become so weakened that it has crumbled nearly to ground level. Just one more generation and morality may become extinct. America may soon become the next Sodom and Gomorrah. How could this happen? Because Satan is too crafty to change the heart of America overnight. His evil scheme would then be too obvious, thus his sly plan of a methodical, steady injection of damnation.

Yes, America is slowly becoming unchristianized by the perverted ideology of a few. If we could view the America of two hundred years ago, nearly every American would be bowing his or her head in absolute shame...would be wagging their heads in disbelief...would be shedding tears of deep regret. Only the foolish would be pleased with the moral perversion that has spread across America. Wickedness in America should be very apparent to every American.

For decades America has been fed a trifling amount of anti-moral toxin. Satan's toxic fodder has so slowly impregnated our hearts that we are hardly aware of the stench of the sinfulness that is upon us. The end result is that this demonic fodder has desensitized our hearts. We don't even realize that we are wallowing in a vile pool of hellishness.

Should we raise the white flag in defeat and allow Satan to be the victor? Absolutely not! God has promised us victory over Satan and his wickedness. Praise the Lord! God has given us His antidote - II Chronicles 7:14.

Ponder Psalm 34:17 and 84:11

P.S. Evil is flourishing because good folks are doing little or nothing about it. 


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