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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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A breath of fresh air! (08/20/2006)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How is the air in America? Is there good, clean air in America, or is the air in America deficient and dirty? Obviously, the air in America has become stinky, foul-smelling. Where is this imperfect air originating from? Who or what is causing this stench? Is it being emitted by good people or by bad people? Is this depraved air the result of good works or bad works?

Everyone should know where the unpure air is coming from. You guessed correctly - Washington. This sordid air emerges from those who are demanding that everyone accept and endure that which is the opposite of good.

There are many people whose mouths speak sentiments that reek with uncalled for resentment toward anything right. Are these elitists (?) aware of the fact that their unnatural wind is not good for America? Is a kumquat coming? When people say nasty things, they pollute the air around them with wrongness. This polluted air grieves and angers the mainstream group (the vast majority) because impure air tries to forcefully browbeat good into mimicking something bad.

The stench of pig manure is an aroma not welcomed by anyone's sense of smell, but the manure is beneficial to the farmer. Are most of the aromas coming from Washington beneficial or detrimental? The answer to this question should be crystal clear to everyone. We only need to compare the USA of today with the USA of yesteryear. Everyone should then come to the same conclusion. The air emanating from Washington this present day is not good for anyone.

How can we put an end to the unwholesome stench that is pervading America? We can send financial gifts to those who are trying to make known the names and faces of the foul-aired people in our government. We need these informers to inform us with a list of names and snapshots of the mealy-mouthed projectors of slick air. The people of America need to know and see who these breathers of obscenity are and then perpetrate their exodus from Washington. How? By voting for the good guy or gal, thereby assuring that some good, fresh air be brought back to Washington. Americans need to know who not to vote for.

If Americans continue to put up with an infernal air supply from Washington, what kind of state will we be regressing to - worse or better? Yes, the puffed up air coming from Washington is producing an adverse whirlwind across America. This nefarious air is troubling Americans and causing despondency. This pollutedness is certain to change the way in which we live, but in a very harmful way. If all the good air in America is to be extinguished, what then?

One of the many things that America desperately needs is a breath of fresh air?

Ponder Isaiah 1:4 Jeremiah 7:28 


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