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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Is You-Know-Who preeminent? (08/27/2006)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

We must not offend anyone by mentioning You-Know-Who, so let's permanently lock the doors to all the churches in America. Let's keep our Christian faith and so-called faith (cultic and paganish) to ourselves. Shh! Don't even utter a peep! We must not offend anyone, so let's prohibit prayer in school. We must not offend any woman, so let's legalize the extermination of unwanted babies. We must not offend anyone, so let's silence all those who want to mention Y-K-W. Let's put an end to any semblance of Y-K-W.

You-Know-Who is everyone's best friend, but some contentious adversaries of Y-K-W want to make it illegal for anyone to even mention his or her best friend's name (Y-K-W). They even want to make it illegal for Y-K-W's name being visibly seen. Now, does it make any sense to appease the one in a hundred, while provoking the ninety-nine? Such absurd thoughtlessness has brought America to its present state: good is now bad, bad is now good. Now it is legal to upset the ninety-nine as long as the one is pacified. This is asininity the height of Mt. Everest. We need to create a new word that means far beyond stupidity. How about b-i-s-i? Pronounced bye (bí) sigh (sí). It means a stupid, idiotic, imbecilic event or occurrence.

Can anyone truthfully say that school prayer had actually been harmful to America's school children? Absolutely not! Could anyone truthfully say that having allowed every being the right to experience life would have actually been harmful to exterminated babies? Absolutely not! Could anyone truthfully say that talking about Y-K-W would actually be harmful to the hearer? Absolutely not! None of these things would be harmful to the objectors of goodness and these individuals know it. Why do they protest? It is because of hate. It is unarguable! It is undeniable!

What if someone attended a church service and said, "I didn't like the pastor's preaching! He mentioned Y-K-W and punishment for sin. This kind of preaching must stop!" Would it make any sense for the rest of us to put up our hands and tell our pastor that he must not preach about Y-K-W anymore? We would be committing BISI. Once again, we would have pleased the one, while upsetting everyone else. Has a BISI, hate-based agenda been good for America? Absolutely not! Will such lunacy (bisi) ever be good for America? Can anyone tell if blueberries are depressed?

What should we do with "under Y-K-W" in our Pledge of Allegiance? What should we do with "In Y-K-W we trust?" What should we do with tombstones and monuments that mention Y-K-W? What should we do with crosses and symbols that might bring Y-K-W to mind? What should we do with those who want to praise Y-K-W, etc.?

Why are we always catering to the disgruntled one? Shouldn't our obvious concern lie with the ninety-nine? Example: One hundred people attend a family reunion and a prayer is said before each meal and one person objects. Should the ninety-nine allow this individual to be appeased, while planting seeds of indignation into the hearts of the ninety-nine? If they would appease this individual, they would have committed BISI (bye-sigh).

Will we, America or any other nation, be better off without Y-K-W and His blessings? Enough of this one-person's-way mentality (degeneracy). The rule of the unethical one will never be good for anyone. We know what we must do: keep y-k-w preeminent.

Is You-Know-Who preeminent in our lives?

Ponder Luke 15:4-7 


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