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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Viking View: ‘06 looking great
By John Edstrom

Well fans, we face a long wait until next Monday night before the endless football season commences once again. Hopefully, the Vikes performance against the Redskins will augur a long and enjoyable, rather than painful five months. At least Washington has been miserable in the preseason, which makes it less likely that the Vikes will come home in a basket as they did following last year's first away game at Cincinnati.

I remember that one well. We were out of town in Wisconsin and couldn't find a tavern with the Vikes game on until the first quarter was well underway, but plenty of time had already elapsed for the Vikes to be hopelessly buried. It is a bad feeling to be five quarters into the season with a strong suspicion that it is already irredeemable. It's like being a half hour into a transatlantic flight with bad weather predicted to get worse.

In any case, the worst of it for fans of the Purple this last few years, with a horrible defense unable to protect the hugest of leads for the sixty second drill, seems behind us. I would much prefer to watch boring games while reading a book rather than risk apoplexy following a team which loses and regains the lead six or eight times before finally falling 64 - 59. No more basketball scores, please!

If the offense continues to mount no rushing offense, however, the dink and dunk passing game that is the West Coast offense will wither in the bud, and probably render Brad Johnson hors de combat early on. Then we will be treated to the sight of, alternately, Brooks Bollinger or Tarvaris Jackson getting thrown to the l(L)ions. It will be disgusting for all but those with the crudest of tastes in their sporting spectacle.

It bodes either well or not so that the Childress regime has jettisoned both Chris Liwienski and Adam Goldberg, starting offensive linemen from last year. It would mean that either they are way ahead of Mike Tice & Co., or are simply floundering. If the Vikes can't run the ball for 100 yards plus against the Redskins, it will be a very bad sign.

Other stuff you should hope not to see:

1.) Another defensive back carted off the field;

2.) A bunch of receivers with less than five receptions averaging four and a half yards.

3.) Mewelde Moore running brilliantly just before being carted off the field shortly after Fred Smoot.

Have a great season! 


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