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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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The Bowling Report - Sept. 24, 2006 (09/24/2006)

There's another Fakler putting up some impressive bowling scores these days. And to the surprise of many, it's not Brian, Greg or Jeff, or even their father Gordie. This time it's Gwendolyn Fakler, Brian's wife, who's been knocking pins down at a torrid pace. Monday night in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl, she fired a career-high 683 national honor count with games of 212, 234 and 237.

On Wednesday night in the Lamplighter League at Winona Bowl, she was at it again with a 636 score (200-205-231). If you're adding that up, that's a 224 average for the week. Not bad for someone who calls herself a slow starter.

"This is not normal," Gwendolyn Fakler said. "I'm usually a slow starter, definitely. I'm normally a lot stronger in January and February around the (city) tournament. "For me, it's a matter of throwing strikes. I'm a spare shooter. Each game Monday I threw three or four in a row. And I'm not leaving that split and having that open frame." When you marry into a Fakler family in Winona, you're more than likely going to be a bowler. Gwendolyn said when she first met Brian 20 years ago, she didn't know he bowled. And she was never a bowler.

But that average has been slowly climbing. She carried a 184 average last year in the Lamplighter League, which is quiet a feat considering her first year of bowling she was averaging in the 120s.

"I'm real quiet," she said. "I'm the one slowing creeping up. I can throw anywhere from a 510 to a 610. I'm not a power bowler. I don't get the turkeys and the four-baggers. This year I'm throwing more strikes." Gwendolyn, whose previous high series was a 666, enjoyed the family bragging rights on Monday as Brian came in with a 655 series in the City League.

"We definitely go at one another back and forth," she said. "When we bowl with one another (in the Mixed Nuts League), if I beat him a game, I'll let him know it. But I don't beat him that often."

One reason for the fast start this year might be the practice Gwendolyn got in during August with Krystal Dorman, Jenny Glowczewski, Joy Donnelly and Lisa Peterson, who met every Thursday night of the month and rolled a few games. That, she hopes, pays off in the long run this season.

"Last year I had maybe two or three (600s) back to back," she said. "Usually I only have four or five in a season. Hopefully that will be 12 or 13 this year. You never know. Next Wednesday is another day."

Who's hot?

The top men's series of the season was turned in last Thursday night in the Classic League at Westgate Bowl by Geoff Schewe with a 771.

Brian Fakler and Curtis Czaplewski both broke the 750 mark on Tuesday in the Blue Ribbon League. Fakler fired a 758 honor count and Czaplewski had a 754.

Other 700s for the week came from Seth Bonow (749), Josh Wenzel (746), Josh Wrycza (727), Larry Walters (718), Steve Walters (717), Jerry Koutsky (713), Don Skappel (709), Bill Bonow (706) and John Glowczewski (703).

Bob Bigelow was almost perfect Tuesday night in the American League at Westgate. After throwing 11 straight strikes to start a game, he rolled an eight on his final ball for a 298 game.

Joining Gwendolyn Fakler with the hot hand for the ladies were Jenny Glowczewski (629), Diane Marley (624), Keri Wegman (602) and Mandi Steffes (602).

Sami Kohner, a senior at Winona Senior High School, got the Next Generation League at Winona Bowl off to a flying start two weeks ago with a 688 series. 


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