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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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God’s intolerable (?) commandments (10/15/2006)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Are God's commandments in need of revision? They must be outdated by today's standards. Does God really expect us to (1) Put Him in first place? (2) Not worship or idolize any person or thing? (3) Not swear? (4) Keep the Sabbath Day holy? (5) Honor our father and mother? (6) Not murder anyone? (7) Not commit adultery? (8) Never steal? (9) Not to bear false witness against our neighbor? (10) Not covet anything of our neighbor's - not husband, wife, house, servants, material items, etc.?

Aren't God's commandments going to be too demanding...too taxing to bear? How can God expect us to treat our father and mother with respect? Wouldn't this hinder children in their development to adulthood? This restriction (having to hold back disrespectful language) would put too much mental stress on children. It would rob them of their creativity. Of course, it is unreasonable to take away one's right to murder someone...to commit adultery...to steal...to bow down and worship a lifeless, spiritless object... to lust after another man's wife or another woman's husband, etc. After all, if we want to break any of these commandments, isn't this our right? If we want to kill someone and spend the rest of our lives in prison, shouldn't this be our right? Isn't it our right to do with our lives just as we please, without anyone else's meddling?

Do we listen to our doctor's advice? Of course! If he gives us instructive measures, we (usually) try to follow them to the letter. We would never say, "This doctor's instruction is horse-and-buggyish!" Why not? Because our doctor knows what he is talking about. We would be labeled "ninnies" if we acted in this half-baked way. "Hey Doc! Give us some instruction that we can follow! Can't we just take a little bit of this and a little bit of that?"

Dimwittedly, more and more of us are accepting and following inferior instruction, while rejecting God's most superior and perfect instruction. What utter daftness! After all, can man do for us what God can do for us? Do cockatoos come in pairs?

Is this wisdom? Questioning the wisdom of God? We are wiser than God? What folly! God is infinitely wiser than the combined IQs of all of mankind, yet we think we are wiser than God?

We would be wise to search the Scripture like hidden treasure. Why? Because the Bible is rich with invaluable nuggets that can enlighten our souls. Proverbs 3:13-15, Job 28:12-19, Proverbs 8:11-19, Psalm 119:72 The Bible is void of error, is miraculous, is eternal, is the only book that has the promise of eternal life in it, yet we (half-wittedly) search elsewhere for that which can not profit. Nothing good can be gained by fooling with imperfection.

Will our lives be more blessed or less blessed for keeping God's commandments? By not breaking any of God's commandments we will be much happier and so will those who would have been harmed by our breaking God's commandments.

Everyone should easily perceive God's commandments as basic common sense. There is nothing profoundly mysterious about them. If there were mans' commandments, they wouldn't be upsetting to anyone. However, since they are from God, they bother so many people. Even so, the keeping of His commandments is not unthinkable or impossible.

We listen to and accept the advice from doctors, lawyers, family members, friends, teachers and others. These individuals are not perfect; they make mistakes. God is perfect; He does not make mistakes, regardless of what rebellious man will say. Should we follow God and His commands, or man and his commands? We don't need a prestigious think tank to figure this one out. We should know that God wants us to live a righteous life, a life that would please Him. Man wants us to live a life for self - a life that will rob us of earthly job and eternal joy.

Is humanity going to be better off if we do as we please? Do our own thing? Can't we amend or cancel some of God's commandments? Why? Because far more people break God's commandments than those who keep them. One example would be the commandment not to kill. We need to get rid of this commandment because we need to abort unborn babies and we need to get rid of the elderly and those that are of little or no use to society. If we erase all of God's commandments, then everyone will have peace of mind. Yeah, right. Are buttercups practical?

If we had a milligram of common sense, we would tell Satan to "Take a hike!" We seem to think that Satan is our pal because he drags us away from instruction that we think we would never be able to follow...that we think would be a thorn in the flesh to us. Are we without gray matter? We need to wake up and give Satan a boot - size 15 - and kick him very hard.

Foolish and rebellious man thinks that God's commandments are intolerable, but we know in our hearts that this is a lie.

Ponder Psalm 19:7-11, I John 5:1-3, John 15:10-11, Revelation 22:14 


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