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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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The Bowling Report (10/22/2006)

It had been a pretty quiet start to the 2006-07 bowling season for Jeff Hubbard.

Through the first month and a half, the usually steady Hubbard hadn't found his magical touch that always had him around the 220-225 area in average. He cut back to bowling just one night a week -- Thursday in the Classic League at Westgate Bowl. Until last weekend, Hubbard had just one national honor count to his name and his average was down in the 205 range.

But Sunday at All-Star Lanes in La Crosse in the final day of the Winona/La Crosse Bowling Challenge, Hubbard enjoyed a day on the lanes that he'll remember for the rest of his life.

"It's been a long time since I've been locked in like that," Hubbard said on Tuesday. "I knew after the second game that I had a chance to do something special. The lanes were perfect for my type of game. All I had to do was get it outside and I knew it would be there."

The 27-year-old Hubbard started the doubles portion of the event with games of 267 and 269. It only got better from there. He strung 12 straight strikes in the final game for a 300 game and 836 series.

The series ties him for the highest ever rolled at All-Star Lanes, and it also ties him for the sixth highest ever rolled in the Winona Bowling Association.

More important for Hubbard was that doubles partner Dale Bartelson and him took all five points against their La Crosse counterparts, helping Winona to its first win in the six-year event.

"I haven't had much luck in La Crosse," said Hubbard, who works in import and customs brokerage at Fastenal Company. "I've bowled OK in a few tournaments in La Crosse. In the Challenge, I've never bowled that great. It felt good to do it outside of Winona in an atmosphere like that, and with so much on the line. I'm glad my parents (Glenn and Paula) were there to see it.

"I really didn't feel it until the fourth of fifth frame of the first game. My ball was rolling perfect. I just had to get it outside and put some speed on it. I saw a lot of guys leaving the 10 pin. I was just locked in. I wasn't paying attention to the other bowlers. I was just paying attention to my teammates - Dale, Biff (Brian Fakler) and Tod (Walters). There was competition on the line. I was so focused on what I was doing."

After receiving high-fives from teammates and bowlers from La Crosse, Hubbard went out and bowled anchor for one of Winona's four Baker teams, which dominated La Crosse to a tune of 64_-35_ to put the finishing touches on an impressive 177-123 victory.

"The lanes surprising held up all day, even throughout the Baker," Hubbard said. "I didn't have to adjust much at all. I'm glad we did what we needed to in order to get the monkey off our back. We've got a pretty good young nucleus. We're only going to get better with more tournament experience outside of Winona."

Hubbard, who had two smaller 800s earlier in his career, came into the Challenge with one goal - be consistent and pick up spares, which would give him a good chance to win his points. That's exactly what he did Saturday in singles at Winona Bowl, where he bowled a 640 to win all five points from his opponent.

His performance the following day in La Crosse still lingers in his mind.

"Yes, I'm flying high," he said. "The nice thing is that every time I walk into the alley in La Crosse, I'll see my name up there until it's broken. That will remind me of what I accomplished and what we accomplished as a team."

Wild day for women

It's hard to imagine a 300-point event being decided by two points. But that's just how competitive the Winona and La Crosse women were this year in the Winona/La Crosse Bowling Challenge.

After trailing by 16 points going into the 100-point Baker team event, Winona came through in the clutch, beating La Crosse 59-41 to pull out its second straight win in the event by a 151-149 margin Sunday at Pla-Mor Lanes.

What's even more impressive is that Winona trailed by six points after the singles and alternate-shot doubles events at Westgate Bowl on Saturday.

Looking back, that's where Winona might have picked up some of its biggest points. Yvonne Guzman finished her third game with four straight strikes to pull out a 204-202 win and capped off a big 698 series.

Keri Prigge, after losing her first two games in singles, rolled a 256 her final game to not only win the game, but also pick up the two huge points for beating her opponent's series. Prigge put on quite a show Sunday in doubles with a 725 series (211-258-256)

Winona's doubles team of Diane Marley and Angie Pomeroy went 9-1 in the two doubles matches, and both also swept their singles matches with respective scores of 680 and 654.

Winona's senior team had on quite a showing in the Baker team event. Lynda Krall, Sue Buermann, Mary Lou Hazelton, Rose Schultz and Keri Wegman won 18 of a possible 25 points to spearhead the comeback.

Who's hot?

Geoff Schewe and Brian Fakler have been matching one another big score for big score in the past week.

Last Friday night, Schewe fired a 770 series in the Masters League at Westgate Bowl, while Fakler turned in a 729 in the Legion League at Winona Bowl. Monday night in the City League at Winona Bowl, Fakler started out with a 300 game and finished with a 761 series. Schewe was even better with a 793 honor count.

The next night in the Blue Ribbon League at Winona Bowl, they both threw a 300 game. Fakler also tossed a 288 his final game for an 815 series, while Schewe carded a 784.

Dave Hultgren and Greg Schewe both tallied their biggest scores of the year Tuesday in the American League at Westgate. Hultgren rolled a 781 and Schewe a 778. Also firing a season-high series was Mark Walters with a 750 in the Classic League at Westgate.

Keri Prigge led the ladies with a 670 series Monday in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl. Angie Pomeroy (644, 602) and Krystal Dorman (630, 601) both added a pair of honor counts.

Winona/La Crosse Bowling Challenge



Final team score: Winona 177, La Crosse 123


Jeff Hubbard (639), Winona, def. Tom Heilman (548), 5-0.

Phil Sweeney (709), La Crosse, def. Rick Prenot (657), 4-1.

Jeff Smelser (650), Winona, def. Sam Sweet (598), 5-0.

Jason Culbert (727), La Crosse, def. Steve Walters (644), 4-1.

Scott Dunnum (698), La Crosse, def. Geoff Schewe (670), 3-2.

Dale Bartelson (771), Winona, def. Gene Arentz (625), 4-1.

Mike Durnen (684), Winona, def. Jason Kaminski (573), 4-1.

Brian Fakler (656), Winona, def. Marc Manninger (577), 5-0.

John Glowczewski (636), Winona, def. John Smizek (483), 5-0.

Scott Curran (617), La Crosse, def. Josh Wenzel (559), 4-1.

Chris Pollentier (691), La Crosse, def. Bob Prenot (654), 5-0.

Tod Walters (700), Winona, def. Don Luce (586), 5-0.

Terry McKinney (669), La Crosse, def. Seth Bonow (547), 5-0.

Brian Dunbar (665), Winona, def. Mike Roh (553), 5-0.

Nick Heilman (677), Winona, def. Brian Leis (659), 4-1.

Greg Schewe (654), Winona, def. Warren Johnson (596), 5-0.

Dave Berger (662), La Crosse, def. Tom Donnelly (624), 4-1.

Steve Maliszewski (621), Winona, def. Dave Schafer (473), 5-0.

Bill Bonow (741), Winona, def. Dave Mashak (594), 5-0.

Ross Harrison (629), Winona, def. Mark Komarek (602), 3-2.

Final singles score: Winona 66, La Crosse 34.

Alternate-shot Doubles

Dave Schafer-Warren Johnson (592), La Crosse, def. Tom Donnelly-Bill Bonow (494), 5-0.

Steve Maliszewski-Ross Harrison (590), Winona, def. Dave Berger-Dave Mashak (552), 4-1.

Tom Heilman-Mark Komarek (577), La Crosse, def. Brian Dunbar-Greg Schewe (563), 3-2.

Don Luce-Jason Kaminski (629), La Crosse, def. Geoff Schewe-Nick Heilman (577), 4-1.

Marc Manninger-Scott Dunnum (655), La Crosse, def. Jeff Hubbard-Dale Bartelson (585), 41?2-1?2.

Steve Walters-Jeff Smelser (639), Winona, def. Gene Arentz-Scott Curran (602), 5-0.

Josh Wenzel-Rick Prenot (663), Winona, def. Mike Roh-Chris Pollentier (595), 5-0.

Bob Prenot-Seth Bonow (658), Winona, def. Sam Sweet-Brian Leis (604), 4-1.

Jason Culbert-Phil Sweeney (669), La Crosse, def. John Glowczewski-Mike Durnen (611), 4-1.

Terry McKinney-John Smizek (685), La Crosse, def. Tod Walters-Brian Fakler (649), 4-1.

Final alternate-doubles score: La Crosse 261?2, Winona 231?2.


Tom Heilman-Mark Komarek (1,289), La Crosse, def. Brian Dunbar-Greg Schewe (1,187), 4-1.

Dave Berger-Dave Mashak (1,283), La Crosse, def. Tom Donnelly-Bill Bonow (1,244), 4-1.

Dick Ghelfi-Warren Johnson (1,135), La Crosse, def. Steve Maliszewski-Ross Harrison (1,083), 4-1.

Phil Sweeney-Scott Dunnum (1,336), La Crosse, def. Bob Prenot-Seth Bonow (1,234), 5-0.

Jeff Hubbard-Dale Bartelson (1,416), Winona, def. Sam Sweet-Brian Leis (1,254), 5-0.

Tod Walters-Brian Fakler (1,262), Winona, def. Gene Arentz-Scott Curran (1,229), 4-1.

John Glowczewski-Mike Durnen (1,288), Winona, def. Chad Feyen-Doug Zumach (1,267), 4-1.

Mike Roh-Chris Pollentier (1,279), La Crosse, def. Steve Walters-Jeff Smelser (1,264), 3-2.

Don Luce-Jason Kaminski (1,296), La Crosse, def. Josh Wenzel-Rick Prenot (1,132), 4-1.

Geoff Schewe-Nick Heilman (1,350), def. Terry McKinney-John Smizek (1,291), 4-1.

Final doubles score: La Crosse 27, Winona 23

Baker Team

Final Baker team score: Winona 641?2, La Crosse 351?2.


Final team score: Winona 151, La Crosse 149


Patti Craig (618), La Crosse, def. Gwen Fakler (611), 4-1.

Jeannette Wuensch (580), La Crosse, def. Jenny Glowczewski (537), 4-1.

Pam Eddy (605), La Crosse, def. Lisa Peterson (544), 4-1.

Yvonne Guzman (698), Winona, def. April Fillner (600), 5-0.

Keri Prigge (644), Winona, def. Patti Muenzenberger (622), 3-2.

Angie Pomeroy (654), Winona, def. Vana Miller (579), 5-0.

Tina Wenzel (589), Winona, def. Amber Pintz (552), 4-1.

Ellyn Sosalla (661), La Crosse, def. Julie Moldenhauer (581), 5-0.

Mandi Steffes (626), Winona, def. Jackie Oldenburg (585), 4-1.

Lu Diamond (627), La Crosse, def. Sue Yeoman (525), 4-1.

Rosie Craig (541), La Crosse, def. Shirley Benedict (537), 4-1.

Jenna Alitz (588), La Crosse, def. Lexie Boehmke (540), 3-2.

Diane Marley (680), Winona, def. Lynn Lenz (632), 5-0.

Jane Podella (579), La Crosse, def. Krystal Dorman (565), 4-1.

Jill Callan (566), La Crosse, def. Laurie Wiseman (511), 5-0.

Sue Buermann (627), Winona, def. Nancy Kaiser (551), 5-0.

Keri Wegman (569), Winona, def. Anita Schafer (511), 4-1.

Linda Smith (567), La Crosse, def. Lynda Krall (519), 5-0.

Rose Schultz (564), Winona, def. Geri Guy (529), 4-1.

Cindy Wall (520), La Crosse, def. Bev Porter (460), 4-1.

Final singles score: La Crosse 52, Winona 48.

Alternate-shot Doubles

Bev Porter-Sue Buermann (489), Winona, def. Geri Guy-Cindy Wall (466), 4-1.

Linda Smith-Ellyn Sosalla (537), La Crosse, def. Lynda Krall-Lexie Boehmke (488), 4-1.

Anita Schafer-Nancy Kaiser (578), La Crosse, def. Keri Wegman-Rose Schultz (500), 5-0.

Jane Podella-Lue Diamond (585), La Crosse, def. Laurie Wiseman-Yvonne Guzman (515), 31?2-11?2.

Patti Muenzenberger-April Fillner (525), La Crosse, def. Jenny Glowczewski-Lisa Peterson (515), 5-0.

Diane Marley-Angie Pomeroy (559), Winona, def. Jeannette Wuensch-Jill Callan (467), 5-0.

Julie Moldenhauer-Tina Wenzel (596), Winona, def. Jackie Oldenburg-Patti Craig (584), 4-1.

Keri Prigge-Shirley Benedict (589), Winona, def. Vana Miller-Jenna Alitz (577), 3-2.

Mandi Steffes-Gwen Fakler (608), Winona, def. Pam Eddy-Rosie Craig (483), 5-0.

Lynn Lenz-Amber Pintz (591), La Crosse, def. Dawn Dunbar-Sue Yeoman (476), 5-0.

Final alternate-shot doubles score: La Crosse 261?2, Winona 231?2.


Diane Marley-Angie Pomeroy (1,217), Winona, def. Pam Eddy-Rose Craig (1,010), 4-1.

Jane Podella-Lu Diamond (1,114), La Crosse, def. Jenny Glowczewski-Lisa Peterson (1,012), 4-1.

Keri Prigge-Shirley Benedict (1,271), Winona, def. Jackie Oldenburg-Patti Craig (1,185), 4-1.

Katie Kaiser-Jill Callan (1,187), La Crosse, def. Julie Moldenhauer-Tina Wenzel (1,042), 5-0.

Lynn Lenz-Amber Pintz (1,145), La Crosse, def. Mandi Steffes-Gwen Fakler (1,113), 4-1.

April Fillner-Patti Muenzenberger (1,137), La Crosse, def. Laurie Wiseman-Yvonne Guzman (1,083), 4-1.

Vana Miller-Jenna Alitz (1,231), La Crosse, def. Krystal Dorman-Sue Yeoman (973), 5-0.

Ellyn Sosalla-Linda Smith (1,119), La Crosse, def. Lynda Krall-Lexie Boehmke (971), 9 1?2-1?2.

Keri Wegman-Rose Schultz (1,044), Winona, def. Audrey Fossum-Cindy Wall (945), 5-0.

Bev Porter-Sue Buermann (1,054), Winona, def. Anita Schafer-Nancy Kaiser (963), 4-1.

Final doubles score: La Crosse 291?2, Winona 201?2.

Winona 39, La Crosse 11.

Baker team

Final Baker team score: Winona 59, La Crosse 41. 


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