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Not now! Maybe later! (11/26/2006)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Many people think that getting saved means an abrupt end to their joy in life. If we were to get saved, we would have to go through life with a perpetual, crestfallen demeanor. However, we could ask all those who have gotten saved and all of them would say that this is when the real joy in their lives began - after they got saved.

Of course, Satan will tempt us with his satanic goodies (?). We will just mention one - drinking. We couldn't possibly be happier if we eliminated these: (1) Hangovers, (2) Car accidents and the many deaths as a result of drunkenness, (3) Loss of good health - shorter life expectancy, (4) Causing needless grief to family members: spouses, parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, etc., (5) Negative effect at the workplace, (6) Higher insurance premiums, (7) Upchucking, (8) Dishonoring one's self when intoxicated, (9) Throwing money down a urinal or commode, etc.

If we were to get saved, we would have to stay out of the taverns and not have a refrigerator stocked with the good (?) stuff. Oh, my! What would our spouses think, our parents, our friends, etc.? Why, we would have too much time to spend with our families and others. We would have more income to spend - wisely. We would not miss so much work and would get more accomplished at work. We would have better health. We wouldn't be in danger of taking someone's life while driving during a drunken stupor. We should live longer. Now, are the results of not drinking worse than the results of our continuing to booze it up?

Would we really be happier if we quit drinking? Duh! Would we feel less happy if we put God in first place? Duh! Would our lives become less enjoyable and become more restrictive if we were to follow God's edicts rather than Satan's edicts? Duh!

Satan will try to convince us that the things in his arsenal will actually add joy to our lives. Here are some of them: lying, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, deception, envy, criticism, hatred, unforgiveness, perversion, selfishness, worry, fear, doubt, depression, defiance, disrespect, pigheadedness, narrow-mindedness, cruelty, carousing, etc. Would being procurers of righteousness and out-and-out opposition to all of the above, really rob us of joy in our lives? Will pokeberries leave bruises? Yes, Satan is a master at masking evil as good. He masquerades as an angel of light, but his intention is to destroy. Satan has a stockpile of appealingly - disguised trouble that can entice us, but none of it is for our good. He and his lost army of tricksters are engaging in an unwinable war against God. In the end, Satan and his fallen troops will be eternally punished.

If we were in a building and someone yelled "Fire!" would we ever say, "Not now! Maybe later!?" If we were on a sinking ship, and someone yelled "Man the lifeboats!" would we ever say, "Not now! Maybe later!?" If we were warned to vacate our homes because of a tornado, cyclone, tsunami, earthquake, or volcanic eruption, would we ever say "Not now! Maybe later!?" Sanely, we would always do the only sensible thing - we would heed these warnings instantly because our lives would be at risk. Scripture includes warnings from God that we should heed this very moment. The one that should have priority is this: Our need of salvation (accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior) before it is too late. It will be too late after our last breath is taken and we don't know at what age this will come to pass - perhaps as a child, a teenager, a grownup, a senior citizen? Remember! Eternal bliss or eternal misery will be our chosen destiny.

Yes, getting saved will never take away joy from our lives. It will positively add joy to our lives. Most important of all, salvation gives us the assurance of eternal joy in heaven. If someone witnesses to us, God forbid that we would ever reply, "Not now! Maybe later!"

Ponder II Corinthians 5:10, 6:2 


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