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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Déjà vu all over again, again (01/07/2007)
By Frances Edstrom

My job " editor of a 24,500 circulation community newspaper " means that for as many years as we've been published I have read nearly every word in every issue. Lots of people tell me, "Oh, I read your paper cover to cover!" But I really do. I don't retain every bit of information, but the reporters keep excellent files to refresh my memory when I have questions on the background for a particular issue.

So, my education reporter had to excuse my question about her story on Monday night's school board meeting. I wasn't accusing her of digging up old stories to rerun, but the story was eerily familiar. "Didn't we run this about five years ago?"

No, she explained, but it is the same story, only this time with different players.

Back in Superintendent Eric Bartelson's tenure in Dist. 861, the school board asked for and received exactly what the newly inducted school board members are asking for, an accounting of empty space in the elementary schools into which programs from the Lincoln Building could be located. The sale of the Lincoln Building was seen then as a way for the district to cut expenses.

Now Lincoln is sold. The deal is done. It belongs to Winona State University, which is land-poor. From my point of view, their ownership of Lincoln for expansion is preferable to tearing down more neighborhoods.

The school district is still faced with the problem of where to put the denizens of Lincoln, although much has been accomplished. Child care has gone to Goodview and Madison; the district administration is at the high school. Neither of those moves came without expense, about which there was much carping in the community. The real bone of contention should be with government entities that continually mandate the larding of more and more expense not only onto private businesses, but government itself, such as the public schools, making any move monumentally more expensive than it should be.

Another perennial school board subject, a place to put the ALC, was supposedly put to rest with a vote in December. This is after a search that not only involved school district personnel, but community members and leaders including the mayors of Winona and Goodview, which came up empty either because the space didn't meet district criteria or the neighbors didn't want the kids around.

I welcome new ways of looking at things. But at Monday night's meeting, the board seemed to be reinventing the wheel. They have the reports on school district building space already. They have the reports of the ALC search committees.

If the new school board members have a proposition, let them make it, instead of spinning their wheels in the sands of time and costing the taxpayers more money doing what's already been done. Enough politics already. Lay out the plan, and let the community weigh in on it. 


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