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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Using God’s gift? (01/14/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How would our fathers and mothers feel if they gave us a gift (one that they knew we could use and enjoy) and we hid their gift somewhere to collect dust? Undoubtedly, they would be upset and mystified. They might ask themselves, "Why aren't they using or wearing the gift that we gave them? We made sure that we purchased something that they would enjoy."

Most parents are aware as to what their children need or want. Receiving a gift from a loved one should add joy to our lives because such gifts usually come from those who love us and have a genuine desire to please us. Needless to say, we are expected to use or wear any gift we have received from them.

If we use the gift we receive from a family member or others, will they ever bless us with a reward for using the gift they have given us? Are jockey shorts for jockeys only? However, if we use the gift (talent/ability) that God has given us, He will reward us with an eternal reward. Of course, we will also receive His earthly reward (added joy) for using God's gift during our life on earth.

The Bible says that every believer in Christ has been given a gift from God. Sad to say, the majority of saved folks (nearly 90%) sitting in the pews are not using the gift that God has given them. Why not? Are they afraid to use this gift? This wouldn't make any sense at all. We need to remember this: If we don't use God's gift, we will not only lose our eternal reward, but our earthly reward will be lost, also.

People might ask, "How do we know what God's gift is to us?" We only need to ask God what it is, but we should know what gift (talent/ability) God has given us. God's gift to us is probably the one in which we are most proficient.

Using our God-given gift will result in a threefold blessing: (1) Added joy for self - while on this earth, (2) Added joy to others, (3) An eternal reward for self.

We should be very happy with our God-given gifts, if we use them. Any gift God gives us is perfect. God knows exactly what would be the perfect gift for us. Now, what are we doing with the gift that God has given us? Are we using it to bless others, using it to plant seeds in the hearts of those who are lost, using it to increase the joy in our lives as well? If not, why not? It doesn't make any sense not to use a gift, especially God's perfect gift.

Remember, we only need to ask ourselves, "What are we good at? What do I enjoy? Are we using our gift (talent/ability) to help others?" If we have a good voice, perhaps we should join the choir. If we play an instrument, perhaps we could give lessons to someone. If we have the ability to communicate well, perhaps we could teach a Sunday School class. If we have managerial skills, perhaps we could pass on these skills and train others who may be interested. If we enjoy working with children, perhaps we could pass on this talent or ability to others who want to work with children. If we are handymen, perhaps we could do repair work for the elderly and others who are financially strapped. If we are an encourager, perhaps we could encourage those who are discouraged. If we enjoy helping others, perhaps we could lend a helping hand to those in need, etc. There are so many good things that we could do for others, if we would only use our God-given gifts. God expects us to do this.

So many more people could be blessed if all of us used our God-given gifts. If we did, there would be much less woe in the world. All of us can remember a time when someone used his or her talent or ability to help us and how this act of love uplifted our spirits.

How can we add some happiness to our troubled world? By using God's gift.

Ponder James 1:17, I Peter 4:10 


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