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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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The Bowling Report (01/28/2007)

by Jim Kohner

The debate will probably go on for years, but as of right now, it's pretty much a dead issue.

At the start of every shift for the team event of the Winona Bowling Association City Tournament at Westgate Bowl, secretary Bob Kosidowski handed every team a questionnaire, asking if they wanted to stick with the current one-division system, or go to two divisions -- like the women do in their city tournament.

By about a two-third majority, the idea was turned down, according to Kosidowski. It will be discussed again at the WBA annual meeting in early April.

There were pros and cons for going to a two-division tournament, but that's like splitting the association.

"It's an association tournament, which is for everyone in the association," Kosidowski said. "(The vote) wasn't even close. We would have had to almost double the entry fee. I don't think the bowlers wanted to pay any more money. How will sponsors that have a lot of teams feel if they have to pay twice the price?"

The idea was to have bowlers that average 190 or better in Division 1, and bowlers with averages under 190 in Division 2.

If you look at the standings in this year's tournament, it looks like the bowlers who average less than 190 are dominating the tourney. With one shift to go on Saturday, six of the top 10 places in singles and seven of the top 10 in all-events are held down by bowlers averaging under 190.

Only one top-10 bowler in singles, Nick Heilman - who rolled an 800 series - is averaging over 200. The same could be said about all-events, where Steve Modjeski, who's in ninth place, is the only bowler with an average better than 200.

Congratulations must go out to Richard Orlikowski, who rolled a 299 game and his first career 700 (703) in singles, which he leads with an 873 score. Orlikowski averaged 157 last year.

The same goes to Joe Jasnoch, a 172-average bowler in the 2005-06 season, who leads the all-events with a 2,379 score. He also rolled an honor count with a 700 series.

That has the scratch bowlers shaking their heads. Brian Fakler came in on Sunday and rolled a 785 series in singles, and he'll be lucky to finish in the top 15. Fakler and Tod Walters combined for a 1,461 scratch series in doubles and will be lucky to make the top 15. And Walters' impressive 2,203 all-events scratch score can't crack the top 10.

"The last 15 years, we always check the top 20 or 30 spots and it's always only five or 10 percent one way or the other with the handicap and scratch bowlers," Kosidowski said.

There were a number of impressive scores that came out of Westgate last weekend, led by an 826 series by Walters in doubles, which included a 299 game.

Heilman, Joe Schaefer and Josh Mueller all threw 300 games. Josh Wenzel joined Orlikowski and Walters with a 299 game.

Wenzel ended with a 783 series, Rod Storm shot a 772 and 702, John Glowczewski added a 752 and 704, Schaefer fired 752 and 703, and Jason Michalak carded a 750.

Joining Storm, Glowczewski and Schaefer with multiple 700s were Mike Durnen (744, 740, 729) and Chad Whetstone (730, 709).

Joining Orlikowski and Jasnoch with their first honor counts of the year were Bob Kowalewski (725), Aaron Serwa (724), Mueller (720), Pete Masyga (719), Mike Beech (718), Brian Degnan (714), Dave Benke (711), Greg Zaborowski (707), Shawn Bergsrud (703), Jim Zaborowski (702) and Butch Kuhlmann (702).

In all, there were two 800 and 37 700s turned in last weekend.

Women's tourney

The big rollers came out last weekend in the singles and doubles portion of the Winona Women's Bowling Association City Tournament, which concluded at Winona Bowl.

Leading the way was Diane Marley, whose 722 series led her and Krystal Dorman to the Division 1 scratch and handicap doubles titles. Dorman rolled scores of 646 in doubles and 640 in singles en route to the Division 1 all-events scratch crown with a 1,854.

Kassi Kluzik, who's in just her first year of adult leagues, won Division 1 singles with a 674 scratch score and a 755 handicap series.

The other winners included Monica Holland in Division 1 handicap all-events (2,031), Terry Schaub in Division 2 handicap singles (717), Becca Zeches in Division 2 scratch singles (527), Kassi Stangler in Division 2 all-events handicap (2,032), Deb Ellinghuysen in Division 2 all-events scratch (1,520), Denise Malewicki and Jackie Bork in Division 2 handicap doubles (1,361), and Jan Hoppe and Jeri Sue Peterson in Division 2 scratch doubles (1,034).

Keri Wegman joined Dorman with a pair of honor counts with scores of 649 and 632.

State tournament

The Minnesota State USBC Association State Tournament begins next weekend at both Winona Bowl and Westgate Bowl.

Kosidowski is hoping to fill the first team shift at noon at Winona Bowl with all Winona teams, but he currently has a number of openings on that shift. Teams wishing to bowl Saturday's opening shift should contact Phil Keen at (651) 455-0623. There will be an opening ceremony for the tournament at 11:30 a.m. at Winona Bowl.

Women bowlers can also take part in the men's state tournament, as long as they have a USBC sanction card for this season. They can come up with their own team or mixed teams can be formed.

Who's hot?

Once again it was Keri Prigge leading the women in league play last week with a 679 series in the Sunsetters League at Westgate Bowl. Also breaking 650 was Dana Jonsgaard with a 652 in the Alley Gaters League at Westgate.

Christ Brown paced the men with a 756 series last Friday night in the Masters League at Westgate.

Dan Boynton celebrated his birthday last Friday with a 720 series in the Legion League at Winona Bowl. He came back Monday with a 721 in the City League, also at Winona Bowl.

Carol Olson had a night to remember on Wednesday in the Starlite League at Winona Bowl as she rolled her first career 200 game (217) and 500 series (506). 


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