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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Senseless loss of life (01/28/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How many of us can remember being called names during our years of childhood? Nearly everyone - probably. Here are a few that may have been aimed at us: "Hey Porky! Oink! Oink!" "Hey stupid!" "Hey ugly!" Such unkind words can leave scars that can last a lifetime. Decades can pass us by and yet the remembrance of these cruel words from the past can still trigger a reaction of depression or anger.

How many children have committed suicide because they were depressed? How many children have killed other children because they were angry about some unkind word that had been flung at them? The Columbine High School massacre is but one example of the fact that words and actions can result in the loss of life.

What has caused children to kill other children? Why do some children become so emotionally and acutely distressed that they would commit such atrocity? Here are just a few reasons: (1) Being bullied, (2) Being teased or being made fun of, (3) Name calling, (4) Television, (5) Computer games, (6) Peer pressure, (7) Drugs, etc.

What should parents do to end this roller coaster of emotional stress and senseless loss of life? Parents need to teach their children, at a very young age, not to say unkind words to anyone and not to be mean (physically) to anyone! They can easily be taught what is mean and that they must not speak mean words, or do mean things to anyone. They can understand what is mean...what hurts others. Abstinence from meanness needs to be reinforced (by repetition) in children's lives from toddler to teenager. Every parent should do this if lives are to be saved from the perils of anger and depression. There is no better way.

Why do some children say and do unkind things? Because they are not taught that speaking hurtful words and doing mean things is wrong - at any age; after all, children (especially) are hurt by cruel words and thoughtless acts of unkindness. Teaching abstinence from cruelty should be repetitively drilled into the minds of all children before they intermix with other children and before they are sent off to school. Parents should instill in their children's hearts what is right and what is wrong. There should be a plan of action so that children will consistently abstain from anything that would depress or anger anyone else.

No parent is going to ruin his/her health by simply verbalizing to their children what not to say to others or what not to do to others. Would parents become breathless just by saying, "Don't say, ‘You're fat'!" to anyone, etc. Can we walk on a beam of light? It takes little or no effort and it is the parents' duty to rear their children as God would want them reared - in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4

No parent should want their children to keep an emotional or volatile situation to themselves...keep it bottled up.

The senseless killing of children can end. How? If parents would care enough to take the time (and it wouldn't be much) to instruct their children with the things of the Lord. Deuteronomy 4:9-10 Children need to be told over and over about those things that must not be spoken and those things which must not be done to others. Parents need to repeat the words, "Don't say anything mean today or do anything mean today" before their children are sent off to school. Make a list and go over this list often. Children learn quickly; they will soon get the message. Remember, we never repay cruelness with more cruelness. Romans 12:19

God's word gives us the best and sure advice about the rearing of our children. Do we know what Scripture says about this? Parents could soon see the end of so much depression and anger, if parents would train up a child in the way he should go. Proverbs 22:6

Yes, we could see an end to some grievous tragedy that befalls us now and again, but the resolvement lies in the hands of parents. We repeat! Parents need to repeatedly tell their children what not to say and what not to do, because some words and actions can result in someone being killed.

We know how we can save some of our children, so let's do what needs to be done to end this senseless loss of life.

Ponder Deuteronomy 6:5-7, 11:18-19, James 4:17 


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