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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Goodview City Council minutes (02/25/2007)
February 5, 2007

Greg Volkart, Director of Public Works, introduced Mr. Brett Czaplewski as the new Maintenance Laborer I staff member. City Administrator Dan Matejka explained the concept of having a Consent Agenda item.

He also went over in detail the proposed list of Council member monthly claims review schedule, which is item IX.b on the current meeting agenda. The Mayor suggested to Council to experiment with the new way of reviewing claims through the April 16, 2007 meeting, and then at that time determine to either continue with the new method or revert back to the previous method. Councilmember Brinkman mentioned he met with some residents of Woodhaven I, and pointed out the residents had two concerns. The first dealt with the difference in estimated assessment costs for those homeowners who will receive water service and those who won't. Councilmember Brinkman doesn't agree with the 50%/50% formula presented to the residents at the public hearing. The second concern was about the individuals with private drives, and where the stubs for access would come from (direction and distance). Also, would the City repair any of the private property damaged during the project. Dan Matejka suggested he and Greg Volkart present the formula used in past calculations for this purpose to the Council at one of the next meetings. On subject number two, Greg Volkart indicated the exact information wouldn't be available until the City Engineer completes the specifications for the project to actually see who was and who wasn't going to receive water services. Councilmember Andring mentioned a citizen approached him on the subject of snowmobilers in City parks, specifically Memorial Park between 8th and 9th streets. Chief of Police LaVern Hauschildt pointed out that snowmobilers are not allowed in City parks, and they need to be reported and caught if possible. He stressed they can ride on City streets at certain hours at certain speeds only when going to and coming from designated snowmobile trails. Mayor Weimerskirch asked for the Council's thoughts on having a small get- together at the City Office Building for former Councilmember Dennis Meyer to thank him for serving 12 years on the Council. All agreed, so the Mayor and City Administrator will meet to plan the event. Greg Volkart told the Council the light at the entrance to Cedar Bay is up and running.

Councilmember Ledebuhr questioned if the City had received any phone calls concerning the ads that were run about the increased water and sewer rates, and according to Dan Matejka the main office of the City had not received any.

The Director of Public Works handed out and reviewed the Radium Pilot Plant Study Report prepared for the City by the City Engineer's office. The pilot plant study and reports were done for planning and design of the radium removal system as required by State and Federal Agencies involved in the Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. The study shows that two filter plants will be needed; one to treat Wells #1 and #2, and one in WE Valley to treat Well #4. According to Mr. Volkart the next steps in the process will be for the City Engineer to design the facilities, and then draw up the plans and specifications. The City Administrator indicated his office will continue to try to work with the City's National and State legislators on this subject.

Ordinance No. 43.1 (AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 43, AN ORDINANCE REGULATING JUNK YARDS, JUNK DEALERS, INCLUDING JUNK MOTOR VEHICLES AND PARTS THEROF) was presented to Council to establish the new number of the ordinance. All voted aye. The Ordinance was declared adopted. Councilmember Bowman moved and Councilmember Ledebuhr seconded to approve the proposed change to Section 8 of the Personnel Policy. All voted aye, motion carried.

Councilmember Ledebuhr also asked the Director of Public Works, Greg Volkart, if the roped off swimming area at LaCanne Park could be used as a ice-skating rink during the winter? The Director said his crew could plow the area clear, and possibly water it over to make the ice more ice-skating friendly. The Council also directed the City to look into, and install if feasible, lights for nighttime use. There was again discussion on the possibility of re-creating, in some form, a summer Park Rec program for the City. The City Administrator will talk with staff about past programs, and at least start an initial investigation into this possibility.

Next meeting is Monday, February 26, 2007, at 5:00 p.m. in the City Office Building. 


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