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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Not responsible for our sin? (03/18/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

When we sin, are we responsible or is someone else or something else responsible? Some are saying that we are not responsible for our wrong actions. Some have produced some reasons (really excuses) to lay blame on for our sin.

We shouldn't feel badly when we sin because we are not guilty. Some say that we can put all the blame for our sin on genetics (heredity), chemical imbalance in our bodies, and stressful situations. We can't change our genetic composition. We can't live without food. We can't stop sinning if we become incapacitated by stress. After all, father and mother reacted the same way - therefore our exoneration is our father or mother.

Now, are we happier doing what is right or doing what is wrong? The answer is quite obvious. We can sin and have happiness for a short period of time, but very soon the reality of what we have done penetrates our consciences and remorsefulness soon comes to rest in our minds. No matter what our friends say, this feeling of guilt soon replaces short-term, fleetful happiness. Even though God has given us a conscience to help us in our battle with Satan, we still choose to do wrong...still choose to wave the white flag and become a prisoner of Satan. Romans 6:22

It may clear our consciences to use scapegoats to cover our sins, but God will still hold us accountable regardless of Satan's schemeful devices. Here are some of Satan's drummed up excuses: (1) I'm an alcoholic because my father was an alcoholic, (2) I'm addicted to drugs because my mother was addicted to drugs, (3) I have a chemical imbalance, so I can't control my actions, (4) I'm at the end of my rope, so I have to sin in order to get relief from this stressful situation just like my parents did. We are not guilty of sinning because of what is in our genes. We have inherited these incurable diseases from our parents. Nah, nope and uh-uh!

What should be our defense against sin? Prayer should be our first defense. Scripture says we are to flee from sin. James 4:7 Would it be a bad idea, when Satan tempts us, to immediately do something good? Does an asphalt jungle ever need patch-up?

Why do we sin? Romans 5:12 We usually sin to please ourselves, but in the end it is never worth it. A high price will be paid for our sin. Romans 6:23 Has anyone ever said, "I'm glad I'm a drunk! I'm glad I get spaced-out on drugs! I'm glad I lost my temper when I was stressed out!" Proverbs 15:3

Should we be worried about what our friends (?) will think of us if we don't get involved in sinful behavior? Are we afraid they will relinquish their friendship and call us sticks-in-the-mud, wet blankets, or old fogies?

We know that we are responsible for our wayward behavior. Now, do we want to remain a defeated prisoner of Satan or do we want victory and freedom from sin that only God can insure? I Corinthians 15:57 Victory from all our sins is but a prayer away. Matthew 7:7-8, James 1:6 We will never (magically) hocus-pocus away any of Satan's persuasive enticements with incantation.

Whenever we feel the urge to sin, we should go, on the double, to our heavenly Commander in Chief and ask for His help. With God's help we can give the boot to any satanic quality that has conquered us, and replace it with a godly quality.

No, we cannot place the blame for our sin on our father or mother and none of us would be surprised if someone said to us, "You are responsible for your sin!"

Ponder I John 1:7, I Peter 4:18, I Timothy 1:15, Luke 15:7 


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