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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Our Heavenly Employer? (04/15/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Who would we prefer to have as a boss - a lawless person or a law-abiding person? Would anyone choose to be employed by a habitual lawbreaker? Such a person's conduct would not be that which we would earnestly attempt to imitate. Life at work would probably be very stressful and rewardless if we worked for a lawbreaker.

Where will be our likely quarters if we conform to a life of lawlessness? Will we have peace - real peace? We would probably be constantly worried about being incarcerated for breaking the law and would probably be shackled with sleepless nights.

If our lawless boss happened to reward us with a bonus for doing his unlawful, dirty work, would we enjoy this ill-gained bonus as though we had done an honest work? If we knew that our boss wasn't being honest in dealing with his customers, would these fraudulent dealings numb our consciences? Do grease monkeys have arterial blockage? We would probably develop a guilty conscience due to association with this thieving rascal.

Most of us wouldn't think of working for someone who would wantonly defraud people. Working for a swindler would make for worrisome days at the workplace. We couldn't imagine anyone working for a liar and a cheat, yet there is a humongous number employed by Satan, even though Satan's awful product steals something good from us - joy.

How is Satan as a boss? Does Satan give his employees even one good benefit or bonus? Does he have a good pension plan? Does he promise any eternal reward? No, Satan offers no joyful benefit to his employees; he only offers them misery - now and eternally.

Are we using some of Satan's impure product? If we are we are akin to his character, and his character is complete badness.

Would we work for an employer who God says is the father of lies and a murderer? John 8:44 If we are employed by Satan, we need to turn in our resignation immediately and seek employment with the world's best employer - Jesus Christ. He will accept any applicant who is truly willing to work for Him.

Satan is not a good employer. He hates all of his employees. He could care less if his business is shut down and his employees have to go to prison with him. His intention is to bankrupt all of us of anything good and rewarding. He would say, "You're going to the big house (prison) with me and I could care less!" Well, where Satan wants to take us is far worse than any prison sentence. The more of his impure product that we use (put into practice) the happier Satan is, even though he knows that we will be even less happy. What a boss! We ought to boot him into the wide blue yonder and send him into high orbit. Oh, that's right. The Lord says, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay..." Romans 12:19

Why have so many become employees of Satan? Do they think they will have more enjoyment in life if they use his product? They are wrong, wrong, wrong! Satan's defective product (S-I-N) will never bring lasting joy or reward on earth or into eternity

Who is preventing us from working for our heavenly Boss? It is self. We are not forced to work for anyone. We make this decision.

It will make an eternal difference as to whom we work for in life, so we need to ask: Are we working for our Heavenly Employer?

Ponder I Corinthians 15:58, Hebrews 13:20-21 


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