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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Goodview City Council Minutes April 2, 2007 (04/18/2007)
Mayor J.P. Weimerskirch, Councilmembers Dick Ledebuhr, Leon Bowman, and Charlie Andring were present. Councilmember Bruce Brinkman was absent.

The Mayor suspended the regular meeting at 5:02 to proceed to the Board of Review meeting. The regular meeting was reconvened at 5:48.

Councilmember Ledebuhr brought up four issues for discussion purposes. The first concerns the status of the City's request of the railroads to be whistle free as they go through Goodview. The City has three crossings; 41st Avenue, 54th Avenue, and 69th Avenue. According to Greg Volkart, Director of Public Works, the City is still working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation on this subject. The issue is for a City to be whistle-free, each of the railroad crossings have to either have four-sided stop arms or 75' lane dividers on both sides of the tracks. The four-sided stop arms are very expensive, so the City is trying to work with both the City of Winona and the MN DOT on installing the lane dividers. Councilmember Ledebuhr's second issue deals with a large stray cat population the City has around the 3900 block of 6th Street. According to Chief of Police LaVern Hauschildt, the City is working with the Winona County Humane Society on this issue. The Society has a program where they will catch the strays, neuter them, and then release them back to the area. The Chief will contact the Society to check on the status of the program. Thirdly, the Councilmember inquired if the City has a noise ordinance when it comes to rubbish trucks and the times they can operate within the City. The City does have a noise ordinance, but it doesn't pertain to this subject matter. The Chief will explore what other cities do, and report back to Council. Councilmember Bowman pointed out it is his belief if the City was to incorporate an ordinance restricting the times these handlers can operate, they might have to add personnel to accommodate any change in times they can operate thus adding cost. The final issue is a question to the Chief if the City was going to do a spring check for old cars and junk in yards in residential areas of the City. The Chief responded the City will plan to conduct business as it has in the past. Councilmember Bowman informed the Council he personally observed some areas of concern in Woodhaven I Estates brought forward by Mr. Tobias Schmidt, and indicated it was his belief these issues were not to be major in nature.

The Mayor pointed out the new fire truck should be completed and in the City sometime during the week of April 9, and will be available to tour at the next Council meeting on the 16th of April. He also asked the Director of Public Works when the City will advertise the chassis of the Belgrade tanker truck to be for sale, and how much we expect to receive for it. Mr. Volkart indicated the switchover of the tanks will take place sometime next week, and we are estimating to get between $3,000 and $5,000 for the Belgrade chassis. Mayor Weimerskirch asked Police Chief Hauschildt if the number of 151 incidents reported for March was excessive. The Chief clarified sometimes there are more than one reported incident in a single report, thus skewing the numbers up a bit. It was also requested of the Chief to provide the vehicle report included in this agenda on a quarterly basis if possible.

Mayor Weimerskirch reviewed the enclosed map concerning the building permit for CME Electric. Per Greg Volkart none of the immediate neighbors to the property contest the proposed setback. Councilmember Ledebuhr moved and Councilmember Andring seconded the motion to allow a 33' setback for the CME Electric property. Councilmember Bowman voiced a concern we were setting a precedent on granting the setback, and was satisfied when told this wasn't the case. All voted aye, motion carried.

The Chief of Police reviewed the list of donated items from the Estate of Mike Hahn. The Mayor pointed out the City is very appreciative of the generosity of the Hahn family.

Ms. Connie Blackburn of the Winona Child Abuse Prevention Council presented a proclamation designating April as National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month. Councilmember Bowman moved and Councilmember Ledebuhr seconded to approve, sign, and post the proclamation. All voted aye, motion carried.

Mayor Weimerskirch informed the Council the unidentified donor for the proposed summer youth offerings is the Goodview Activity Group (GAG), and that they agreed to contribute up to $10,000 towards the cost of this program. This includes approximately $4,500 for salaries, with the balance to pay for the premium charge non-Winona residents pay to participate in Winona Park Rec. offerings - including the Aquatic Center. If the total cost goes beyond the $10,000 donated, the City of Goodview will pick up the remaining costs. Councilmember Bowman moved and Councilmember Andring seconded the motion to enter into this working relationship with the Winona Park Rec. to offer summer youth offerings within the City of Goodview. All voted aye, motion carried.

The Council was informed by Greg Volkart the specifications for the Woodhaven I Estates Utility Improvement Project went out for bids on Friday, March 30, 2007. They are due back on Friday, April 20, 2007, at 11:00 a.m. in the City Office Building. Councilmember Andring called, and moved, for a special Council meeting to be held on Monday, April 23, 2007, at 5:00 p.m. to review the bids. Councilmember Bowman seconded the motion. All voted aye, motion carried.

Councilmember Ledebuhr moved and Councilmember Bowman seconded that RESOLUTION NO. 0751, A RESOLUTION APPROVING AN EXEMPTION FROM LAWFUL GAMBLING LICENSE FOR WINONA COUNTY DUCKS UNLIMITED COMMITTEE, be adopted. All voted aye. The Resolution was declared adopted.

A letter from Mr. Steve Samuelson, 1250 Briarwood Court, was distributed to Council by Dan Matejka, City Administrator. Mr. Samuelson's concern deals with the potential of his house not receiving enough water pressure after the utility project being proposed is completed. His exact concern deals specifically with the bathroom on the third floor. The Director of Public Works informed the Council he spoke with the City Engineer, and it was determined the property in question will meet or come very close to meeting the recommended PSI's of 35. The Mayor indicated it was his belief for the need to follow the recommendations of the City Engineer, and to leave the specifications as they are, of which the Council agreed.

The City Administrator informed the Council that Congressman Tim Walz will be in Plainview, MN on Friday, April 13, 2007, at 11:00 a.m. to promote the national farm bill being proposed by Congress. Mr. Matejka also gave a review of the proposed Omnibus tax bills that have passed through both houses of the State Legislature.

The Mayor directed City administration to author letters to both State Senator Steve Murphy and State Representative Steve Sviggum to inform them of the Council's desire to keep in place existing travel control devices put in due to the Pelzer Street project. These devices are: 4-way stops are at the intersection of 54th Avenue and 6th Street, and the intersection of 41st Avenue and 6th Street, along with a stop light at the intersection of Highway 61 and 54th Avenue.

Mr. Arlan Runningen asked if the specifications for the Woodhaven I Estates Utility Improvement Project were available to the public. Greg Volkart informed Council the specifications would be ready by the middle of the week, and he will let Mr. Runningen know when.

Adjournment 6:33 p.m.



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