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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Ready for Christ’s return? (04/29/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

There are so many things that we anxiously wait to watch. If we have a loved one returning from a tour of duty, we wait anxiously for his or her arrival back home. We anxiously await the playoffs of sporting events. We anxiously await the birth of a son or daughter. There are oodles of examples.

When we watch something we enjoy, we usually watch attentively. We try to stay attentive because this time of watching adds enjoyment to our lives. Watching different programs can take up a great deal of our time, but is all this watching that we do necessary or beneficial to us? Could much or all of this time be much better spent? There should be a resounding yes!

How many of us have felt guilty because we ended up wasting so much time watching the idiot box? Probably nearly one hundred percent of us are guilty of these wasteful times. Afterwards, we might even ask ourselves, "Why didn't we use this time doing something productive or constructive?" How many people, when they have gotten to the end of their lives, have said, "We wish we hadn't wasted so much time. We wish we had used the time God gave us on His earth as He would have wanted us to use it - wisely."

Can we think of things that we could do to replace our squandered time with something that would not grieve our Creator? Here are a few suggestions: (1) Read the Bible, (2) Memorize Scripture, (3) Spend quality time with our family, (4) Read a good book, (5) Develop a good hobby, (6) Write letters to loved ones, (7) Help a friend of neighbor, (8) Spend more time developing our gift or talent, (9) Get more things done around the house, etc. It wouldn't take us long to make quite a list of those things we could do to get us away from our addiction of excessive viewing of television, etc.

Some things we watch frequently are: (1) Sporting events, (2) Special or addicted to programs on television, (3) Movies, (4) The weather, (5) Our children, (6) Manners or behavior (our Ps & Qs), (7) We watch our weight (smiley face) etc. Some of things we watch may be important, but some things that we watch are an absolute waste of time. We could easily get by (and we would be better off) without watching things that our Maker would not approve of, such as the majority of television programming, etc. However, there is one thing that we should watch for that should be on top of our list of things to watch. Is it watching our hair dry? Is a chicken coop surrounded by white flags? No, we should be watching for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If we were watching a program with Jesus sitting by our side, would He lean over and whisper, "I approve of what you are watching?" Jeremiah 16:17 Would Jesus say that it would be alright to watch programs that only have an itsy-bitsy bit of bad in them? Would Jesus approve of watching programs that told the truth most of the time? Would God approve of watching programs where vulgarity is seldom uttered? We know the answer. Remember, God is observing everything that we do - the good and the bad. Proverbs 15:3

It wouldn't take Jesus very long, if He kept company with us for a few days, to come to this grieving conclusion. "You guys are wasting so much time! What you are watching grieves me."

What can we do to end wasteful watching? Use our consciences. We know when we are watching garbage. No one needs to tell us. When these wasteful times come upon us, we should ask ourselves, what positive things can we do to get us away from watching rubbish?

We know that Jesus Christ will be returning to earth. His return is imminent. Are we ready to meet our Maker...ready for Christ's return?

Ponder Matthew 24:6-7,24,42,44 Mark 13:8,22,33,35,37 Luke 12:37-40; 21:9-11, 20-28, 36 I Thessalonians 5:1-6 


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