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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Goodview City Board of Review meeting (05/06/2007)
Goodview City Board of Review "Continuation" Meeting

April 16, 2007

Upon Roll Call: Mayor J.P. Weimerskirch, Councilmembers Dick Ledebuhr, Leon

Bowman, Bruce Brinkman, and Charlie Andring were present

The Mayor called to order the continuation meeting of the City Board of Review at 5:01 p.m. This was a continuation from the April 2, 2007 meeting. Winona County Assessors Dave Kohner and Pat Walters were present, along with resident Mr. Dwight Lange.

Discussion took place concerning the Lange property at 3819 West 6th Street, parcel number 24.000.1070. The Mayor informed the Council both he and Councilmember Andring toured the property with Mr. Lange on Monday, April 9, 2007, and both of them thanked Mr. Lange for the opportunity. Mayor Weimerskirch described the house as a "plain Jane", and indicated it was his belief there were things with the house that would make it difficult for Mr. Lange to sell it at the assessed value. He also understands there are issues between Mr. Lange and the contractor. The Mayor doesn't have a problem with part of the structure being classified as commercial, since the house was built with Mr. Lange's business in mind. He also believes the City somehow needs to get a building inspector, and it's his thoughts if the City had one this situation probably would have been avoided. The Mayor indicated it was his belief the assessed market value for last year (for taxes payable in 2007) of $246,400 is adequate, and that Mr. Lange should not see an increase in his valuation this year. Councilmember Andring agreed with the Mayor's assessment of the situation, because he felt the list of concerns Mr. Lange addresses is accurate. Mr. Lange questioned the timing that his property was put on the tax roll, and the amount of his property classified as commercial when compared to other Goodview businesses conducted out of homes. Mr. Lange then clarified for the Council the timing of a $5,000 insurance payment for water damage, which he received at the time of closing. According to the County, this payment was not deducted from the sale price of the home of $242,436, which was the recorded value of the property when it was put on the tax roll. Councilmember Brinkman expressed that it is his belief the valuating system the County Assessors use has a systematic problem to it by not looking at the "bill of sale", which would have shown the sales price less the insurance payment. Mayor Weimerskirch directed the Council to make a recommendation to the County Assessor's office as to what value the Council feels is appropriate for the property in question. The two figures being discussed is either the old valuation of $246,400, or the sales price less the insurance payment or $237,436. Councilmember Andring moved and Councilmember Brinkman seconded to recommend to the Winona County Assessor a value of $237,436. All voted aye, motion carried.

The Mayor closed the Board of Review continuation meeting at 5:28 p.m., and re-opened the regular meeting of the Goodview City Council.



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