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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Why aren’t the righteous ruling? (06/10/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Everyone in America would agree there are more good folks in America than bad folks. Since this is true, why are there many more bad folks in America's government than good folks? The main reason - many good folks do not go to the voting booth (have a phobia of voting machines?).

How do wicked men and women get into high positions of authority? Is it because more good folks go to the voting polls or because few good folks go out and cast their votes? If good folks would consistently cast their vote, we would not have such a smorgasbord of corruption in our government. Most Christians are guilty of not going to the polls and doing their duty by casting their votes. It is shamefully, long overdue that Christians get off their posteriors and cast their votes for good folks; otherwise, we might have a bunch of anti-God zealots running the country.

How can we expect God's blessings, when God's people don't lift a finger to pull America from its present immoral quagmire? Where in Scripture does it say that Christians are not to have anything to do with the government of the nation? If unrighteousness becomes even more prevalent in America's government, the blame can (justifiably) be placed on good folks. Once again, if good folks don't go out and cast their votes for good candidates, who are left?

We do have to choose. We can sit at home and let the unrighteous continue to rule or good folks can go into the voting booth and vote for the good man or women. If all the good folks of America went to the polls, we would be governed by decent, righteous folk. It is the duty of all good folks to vote because Providence has given to all people the right to choose who rules in the land - by their vote. God has given this privilege and obligation to everyone. Good folks are not exempt from their obligation to vote.

It is a sad fact that if good folks do not cast their votes, the unrighteous are likely to rule. In spite of what the unrighteous might say, the majority of Americans would prefer that good folks govern the nation.

If our governmental officials had to tell the truth or they would have to stand before a firing squad, many governmental officials would have to confess that they are anti-God...anti-good...anti-Biblical Christians. The unrighteous governmental officials that are presently serving (?) us are the result of good folks not going to the polls.

If good folks have no concern for the fundamental principles of righteousness, will America be governed by those who are righteous? How can America remain a strong, righteous nation if the unrighteous are in power? Proverbs 11:11; 14:34 It is our civil responsibility to cast our votes for those who are likely to govern righteously.

Once again, when good folks stay home and do not go to the voting polls, can we expect that the righteous will govern? The rulers that we have in office today are in office because of those who are of the apathetic nature - the good folks who stay home on Election Day.

We know what kind of men and women are governing in Washington. Are they doing a good work for America? Is a gypsum board honest with everyone? We know the state that America is in. All we have to do is listen to their words, check their voting records and look at the sad state of affairs that is upon our nation. Without a doubt, America is being governed by a majority of anti-righteous individuals.

Good folks should know the reason why righteous individuals aren't governing America. Good folks don't need to ask, "Why aren't the righteous ruling?"

Ponder Psalm 33:12 Proverbs 29:2

P.S. Come on good folks - vote!



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