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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Atheists don’t believe in God because... (06/24/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

No one is born an atheist. Some people have become atheists because...(1) They think that God hasn't done anything for them (2) Of mean and unloving parents (3) Their fellow students and others treated them badly (4) Their spouse filed for divorce (5) Life has handed them a raw deal (6) They were fired or laid off from their jobs (6) Things don't go well at home and at work (7) They were turned down for a promotion at work (8) A parent, brother, sister, relative or friend died of some dreadful disease, car accident or murder (9) Of all the plagues (infectious epidemic diseases) (10) Of all the widespread affliction, calamity and evil that is spread throughout the world (11) Of all the wicket tyrants who have caused and continue to cause so much misery and the deaths of millions (12) They have convinced themselves that all Biblical Christians are hypocrites (13) Their prayers were never answered (14) There is so much hatred in the world (15) There is so much crime in the world (16) If there was a God we wouldn't have all these problems that so frequently beset us (17) Their needs are not being met. We could go on and on and end up with quite an extensive list of excuses (some quite foolish) for not believing in God. The atheists have convinced themselves that nothing bad would ever happen if there was a God. This excuse is at the top of their list.

What is at the heart of the matter for using all these excuses and others? It is fear and anger. Of course there are many other excuses that people use for rejecting God, but the main reason for not believing in God is fear. Most people realize that the Bible will convict them of their sin and they don't want to deal with it; after all, if they were to rid their lives of sin, what would be left? Absolute boredom? Absolute joylessness? Absolute lifelessness? Yes, living a life for Christ would be boring - right? Do snapping turtles need attitudinal adjustments? No, a Christless life is far less euphoric than a life lived for Christ.

If an atheist would choose to walk side by side with a Biblical Christian for awhile, he would soon realize the error of his ways. If the world could watch and compare the life of an atheist with the life of a Biblical Christian, the world would choose (hands-down) the life of a Biblical Christian.

Are Biblical Christians never to voice the plan of salvation to the atheist? Of course not. God expects saved individuals to plant seeds (the saving grace of God) into the hearts of those who are lost. All of the saved of the world need to see the atheist as needing a Savior...need to see them in the state they (the Biblical Christians) were once in - a lost condition, without Christ. If Biblical Christians don't care about the atheist's soul, the odds of their getting saved is not very good.

Yes, atheists will have to stand before God on Judgment Day, even though atheists don't believe in God because...

Ponder Proverbs 8:36 John 15:22-25 Romans 1:18-20 Psalm 10:4, 14:1 


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