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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Lord, we didn’t know! (07/15/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

As children, teenagers, and adults, we often may have used this excuse: "We didn't know we were supposed to do this or that." This being the case, we did know what we were supposed to do, we simply didn't want to do what we were told. We may have thought, "If we don't do what we were told, it won't make much difference and the consequences won't be too severe anyway." However, the end result for not having fulfilled our parents' instruction, our teachers' instruction, our bosses' instruction, God's instruction, is always negative.

We know that we should obey good, clear instruction, but we think that life will be so much better if we do our own thing. Will life be better? Are hound dogs harassers? Is something positive ever going to happen if we disregard our parents', our teachers', bosses' and God's directives to us? Are our parents going to say "That's okay! As long as you are happy - don't obey?" Is our teacher going to say, "That's okay! You pass. Go into the next grade?" Is our boss going to say, "That's okay! Do whatever you want to do. You can continue to work for us?" Is God going to say, "That's okay! If you don't want to acknowledge that I exist and you do not want to believe in me and my word, I will still let you into my heavenly city?"

What can we come up with that will convince us that God does not exist? Oh, yeah! That's right. There's evolution. Whew! This will suffice. Evolution is so much more believable than creation. Do snowboards have to be kept in a freezer? No, our senses should convince us of God's creation because of what we can see, hear, taste, feel and smell. If we look in a mirror we will see God's creation also.

Will the verdict be guilty as charged for our denial of God? After all, we know that if we do something wrong (whether we are caught or not), that we will suffer the consequences. If we are not caught, we may not suffer any negative consequences on earth, but we will have to endure the wrath of God's judgment.

Why would anyone want to deny the existence of God? He loves us more than anyone else, wants the very best for us, has the very best for us - eternal life, therefore, it is absolute dementia that we would not want to believe that God and His word exists, not want to accept Him and His word, not want to trust Him and His word.

Why do so many dismiss the fact that God does exist? This could be one reason: God will not judge us if we do not acknowledge Him, so we can do our own thing and never have to worry (or feel guilty) about having to pay the penalty for our disobedience and our unbelief. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Whether we believe it or not, we will experience the most negative, unending consequence of all for the rejection of God and His word - eternal separation from God in h-e-double toothpick.

Some deniers of God might say, "Don't tell us about God!" These individuals might think that if they don't hear or know anything about God and His word, then they won't have to stand before Him on Judgment Day. Since they don't know about God, then God won't judge them.

May this be perfectly clear to us: When we stand before God on Judgment Day (and all of us will stand before Him), there will be no excuse that will turn away God's judgment of us. Yes, there will be retribution for our denial of God and for doing our own thing. Punishment will be apportioned out after we have stood before God, even if we say, "Lord, we didn't know..."

Ponder Isaiah 53:6, 65:1-2 Psalm 10:4 


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