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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Principle is vanishing? (08/26/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Is America still a nation of principle? Sadly, no. America is wantonly becoming an unprincipled nation. Today a person of moral principle is now mocked, detested and castigated, especially one who has a governmental position. A principled person is often attacked by the unprincipled like a pack of ravenous Tasmanian devils.

The moral conscience of America is being eaten away by unprincipled subverters. How has this hostility toward principle come upon us? By one person's objection to goodness at a time, until we now have an army of houndish corruptors attempting to wipe out all that is right, to silence those of principle. These unprincipled corruptors are consumed with putting to death all aspects of principle.

By design, the principled conscience of America is the target of liquidation by evil organizations and many of America's governmental officials. Are there those who are willing to confront these subverters of principle? Are all Americans willing to protect and preserve principle? Hopefully, there is a remnant that will tackle this malignant aversion of principle.

If we are to restore and retain principle in America, we need men and women who are of moral and ethical character, not those who are of immoral, unethical character. As a result of cowardice, we are now in the quicksand of corruption where those of the corruptible mindset are in authority over us. Cowardice in the battle for principle will only lead America into a state that will be void of conscience.

Where is the leadership (?) in America's government leading us? Are we hearing and seeing high-mindedness in the halls of government or are we observing a regression to a Sodom and Gomorrah state? Yes, everyone's goal and duty should be to uphold the righteousness of God and never surrender to the unrighteousness of man. America was once a great and blessed nation because it was a nation of principles. No, the ways of Satan will never strengthen America; Satan's ways will only rob America of the blessing of Almighty God.

Is God pleased with the state of affairs in America? Can we swim in a motor pool? Will the removal and denial of God, truth and principles make for a better America? No- never. We are quickly approaching a precipice over which will put an end to God's blessing upon America. Some of America's governmental officials seem to be unmindful that they and all of America will pay the price for their godless behavior, for their "in-your-face" attitude toward God. America has violated its conscience to the point where anything is acceptable, especially if it is against God and His precepts. If we continue to wave the white flag to unprincipledness, what can we expect from God but His judgment?

Again, is anything being done to stem the onslaught of unprincipledness? Have good folks made a commitment to turn the tide from the genocide of principle in the government of America? There is an urgent need to restore principle in America's government and elsewhere. This great battle is not going to be won without those who will bravely and rightly stand up to the unprincipled governmental officials of America. We know that cowardly backpedaling will only lead America into a state of more corruption, a state of more perversion.

At this time, many Americans are in a state of despondency. Why? Because of the despicable fraidy-catness and cowardice inaction of good folk. We will soon be swallowed up by the quicksand of unprincipledness if good folk continue to retreat from the battle with perversion. The need is urgent. America needs stalwart men and women that will hold the line against amoralness. If they do not, what will be the fate of America when unprincipled governmental officials wander - unchallenged?

The importance of supporting and defending folks of principle (principles that made America a great and blessed nation) should be crystal clear to every American. Every American should be aware that principle is in danger of becoming extinct...that principle is vanishing.

Ponder Ephesians 6:12 Jeremiah 32:17 Matthew 19:26 Luke 1:37 


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