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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Found love? (09/30/2007)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If our teacher says that we will be disciplined if we misbehave, does this mean that she is a cruel person and that she doesn't love us? Of course not. If we love and respect our teacher, we will behave ourselves. To avoid the punishment for misbehavior, all we have to do is follow our teacher's instruction or rules. This is very easy to comprehend, even for children.

God has instructions too and if we refuse to obey this instruction, we will have to suffer the consequences. Does this mean that God doesn't love us? Can an outfielder's admit be read from the grandstand? Is it going to change anything if we think it's too cruel a punishment, so we just wish it away as though it doesn't exist any more? No. Malachi 3:6a Hebrews 13:8

Anyone who says that God is not a loving God because of Hades is wrong. God sacrificed His only Son so that no one would have to spend eternity in this most horrible place. There is no greater love than the love of Almighty God.

Deceivers teach that since God is a loving God, He would not have created such a place as Hades. Well, we need to remember that God is also a God of judgment and that God doesn't send anyone to Hades. We knowingly forfeit our inheritance in heaven because we don't love God. We stubbornly and foolishly choose not to accept Him as our Lord and Savior. II Peter 3:9

When deceitful people (those who have been indoctrinated [brainwashed} with falsehood and tradition) tell us that we are in error because we believe in a literal Hades, we need to ask this question: What does God say? God has made it crystal clear throughout Scripture that he has created such a place for Satan and those who hate and reject Him. We can reason (?) with ourselves and wish such a place didn't exist, but Hades isn't going to become nonexistent simply because we think that such a horrible place shouldn't exist.

Can we imagine anyone saying, "My teacher is cruel! She doesn't love me! If she did love me, she wouldn't discipline me! I suffer when she disciplines me for my bad behavior!" Yes, we will suffer the consequences for our wrongdoing. Remember God is also a righteous judge and we will suffer the eternal consequences for rejecting Him. All we have to do to escape the consequences of God's discipline is to behave ourselves - to obey - to believe, repent and receive Him. Remember, our rejection of God sends us to Hades, God doesn't.

Is God not a loving God? Did He not make salvation so simple that even a child can understand? Keeping one's self out of Hades is as simple as 1,2,3: (1) Believe John 5:24 (2) Repent Luke 13:3 (3) Receive John 11:25-26 Jesus Christ suffered a most horrific death so we wouldn't have to spend eternity in Hades. This isn't love? Our rejection of Jesus Christ and His simple plan of salvation is love? Mark 12:29-30

Are we showing the love of Jesus Christ when we lie to people by trying to convince them that there is no Hades when God's word clearly states that there is a literal Hades over and over and over again? No, deception is not love. There isn't a person in this world (children to senior citizen) who, having read God's word, would not come to this conclusion: There is a Hades. God say it is so.

We should never doubt the love of God. His love is perfect. Why would anyone want to reject perfect love, the love of God? God's love to us is never lost; we purposely lose our love for Him. An individual's love for God becomes lost because of disbelief, deception, rejection and hatred.

Have you found love - the love of God?

Ponder II Corinthians 2:17, 4:1-2, 11:13-15 II Peter 2:3 Isaiah 30:1 I Timothy 4:1-2a Matthew 7:21 


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