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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Our Faith Can’t Save (09/30/2007)
From: Jamie Smith

Christendom teaches that in the end we are saved by "our faith" in Christ. Christ's faith in His God and Father is seldom mentioned and yet that is the faith that saves, not "our faith" in Christ. Saved, in its usage here, is concerned with salvation from sin and death as opposed to places where Scripture uses the incomplete tense (being saved) concerned with daily awareness and blessedness of salvation.

Christ trusted God and so became human. That trust led Him to live His life pure and sacrificial, faithfully enjoining all battles. He believed God would not leave His soul endlessly in Hades and His body rotting in the tomb, but that He would be raised to consciousness and glory by His God and Father.

The basis of our justification is Christ's faith. Ga 2:16 (CLV):"...having perceived that a human is not being justified out of works of law, except alone through the faith of Christ Jesus..." This is the basis of the justification of Jamie Smith, Adolph Hitler, Timothy Leary, Andy Dick, Mother Teresa, O.J. Simpson and Billy Graham. We are not justified out of our faith and do not remain unjustified out of our lack.

This is why "Where, then, is boasting? It is debarred! Through what law? Of works? No! But through faith's law. For we are reckoning a human to be justified by faith apart from works of law. (Romans 3:27-28 CLV)." Faith's law concerns Christ's not our faith. Ours is only given "in measure". Christ's was full and complete. Those who believe their faith saves carry a diseased measure of boasting in their faith rather than in Christ's faith - no matter how loudly they will deny it.

So...do you "...also believe into Christ Jesus that we may be justified out of the faith of Christ and not out of works of law... (Ga. 2:16 CLV)"? Then you are blessed indeed. You are largely free from the daily influence of the ins and outs of faith and flesh. You depend on Christ's firm faith knowing well that your faith can't be what it should be. The rest, while still justified by Christ, live lives uncertain concerning their destiny and the destiny of loved ones in the ages to come and especially in the endlessness that ensues after the ages are complete.

Deception will complicate what is simple and declare what is simple to be complicated. The gospel is simple in the extreme (Christ saves!) but can only be accepted through a gratuitous gift of faith in His faith.



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