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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Still doubtful? (10/28/2007)

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If our children are in danger, when do we quit warning them? After two warnings? After five warnings? Shouldn't we warn our children every time they are in danger? Should parents ever reach the point where they would say, "Well, we've warned them enough about such and such! Whatever is the outcome of their disobedience, they brought it upon themselves! If they get injured or killed, it's just too bad!" No. No matter how often our children are in a grave situation (unsaved certainly needs to be included), we should always warn them.

Is God not a just and loving God because we will have to suffer some punishment if we do not obey His word? Is God narrow minded because He will not change His position on punishing disobedience? No. Is a father unjust and unloving because he has some rules that he expects all of his children to follow and that there will be punishment for breaking any of these reasonable rules? No.

Let's say there is a large family of twelve children and their father says, "If any of you disobey you will have to be punished. However, if you follow a few simple rules, you will not have to fear being punished." Now if the children do not follow their father's simple rules, is the father being unjust or unloving by disciplining his children? No. The children have no excuse (the willful breaking of rules is no excuse. Duh!) because their father's instruction should have been clearly understood and easily followed.

Is God unjust or unloving even though His instruction - even His way to heaven - is as simple as the ABCs: (A) Romans 3:23 (B) Romans 6:23a (C) Romans 5:8 (D) John 5:24 (E) Luke 13:3 and (F) John 11:25-26? If we don't believe that God can and will fulfill what He has said and we disobey God's simple instruction and plan (God's way to heaven), then we have only ourselves to blame if we end up in Hades. Mark 16:16 John 3:3-7 If we have no concern for what God has said and done, then His priceless gift of eternal life - to us - becomes null and void. God isn't going to force anyone to accept His way to heaven.

God makes it quite clear what we need to do to stay out of Hades. The six verses mentioned above provide us this way and clearly tell us what we need to do and how to keep ourselves from Hades. Will God still keep us from Hades, even if we reject Him and His instruction? Would this be true according to Scripture? Are a nickname's letters clearly legible?

If someone told some aborigines that they wouldn't be punished for killing people, would this be true? Just because someone tells these aborigines that they will not be judged and sent to prison, doesn't take away the fact that they will be imprisoned for killing someone. It's the law of the land and when deceptive people try to convince others that there is no Hades, this is a boldface lie. Scripture tells us that such teaching is fallacy - an abomination to God.

Today, many deceivers of God's word believe that God's punishment for disobedience (especially Hades) is too severe...just can't be true. God's punishment for disobedience should never result in anyone having to spend eternity in Hades. Well, God has provided a simple plan (only six verses) that will - assuredly - keep anyone from the punishment of Hades. His six-verse plan is not difficult to fathom. See for yourself. Read the six verses mentioned above.

If anyone is still doubtful about the existence of Hades, just read God's word. Isaiah 34:16a

Ponder Psalm 9:17 Matthew 23:33 Luke 16:22-28

P.S. II Peter 2:12-15 Job 15:35 Proverbs 14:25



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