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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Viking View (11/14/2007)
By John Edstrom

Vikes may face Culpepper Sunday

...could be underdogs anyhow

Well fans, the football god giveth, but just as surely he taketh away, at least from the fans of the Purple. As well as the Vikes played against the Chargers, they played badly against the Cheese at Lambeau. And just as the most doggedly hopeful fan realized that the afternoon was not to be redeemed, down went Adrian Peterson with a "2-plus" partial tear of the lateral collateral ligament of the knee. He will henceforth be addressed as L.C. rather than A.D.

The good news is that the injury does not require surgery and that he will be back after Oakland has come and gone next week. The bad news is that without him, the Purple should probably be an underdog against the 2-7 Raiders, even at the Hump.

And, fortunately, the situation at the QB position in Oakland is at least as murky as it is here in Purple country. Josh McCown, who had replaced our old friend Daunte Culpepper, was able to eke out all of six points against the Bears last Sunday, while getting whacked around and eventually injured. Chicago did not even bother to substitute out of its base defense when the Raiders brought in three wideouts. It is likely that the team that once featured Kenny Stabler under center has an even more pathetic passing offense than Minnesota's. Next Sunday, they will start either Culpepper or JaMarcus Russell, the prized but very green rookie, at QB.

Meanwhile, all is in disarray with the Purple, Adrian Peterson hurt, the very fragile Tarvaris Jackson preparing to start after recovering from his fourth injury in less than two seasons, and Dwight Smith perfecting his comedy act on the sidelines when he's not out on the field clowning around. He is reported to have said that the fans take these games more seriously than the players and that they should get over it, or words to that effect. Good advice - I know that I have.

Meanwhile, the Chiller professes not to have noticed Smith's antics, while focused so intently on the game as he was. He did however, notice that Troy Williamson saw fit to take off eight days for his grandmother's funeral and chastened the lad by allowing him to donate his salary for the week to charity, which makes about as much sense as Williamson, who could perhaps use some practice catching the football, disappearing for an extended period. One could admire the young man's devotion to family, but it rings a little hollow if he wants management to pay for it.

Next week the Purple really should beat the Raiders, but they are so inconsistent it is anybody's guess. At least they will have Antoine Winfield back, and therefore not so likely to be surprised overland.



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