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The Bowling Report (11/18/2007)

Some egos are being bruised, some averages are taking a big hit, and some bowlers are downright frustrated.

Welcome to the Classic PBA Experience League at Westgate Bowl.

They're 10 weeks into the season and there are more bowlers averaging less than 180 than over 180. There is no one with an average over 200. This is a league where you celebrate a 600 series - a score that in the past few years was just an ordinary one.

The league decided last year to toughen the conditions, so they went to the five oil patterns that the pros use - the Scorpion, Chameleon, Viper, Cheetah and Shark. One pattern is used for three straight weeks before it gets changed to the next one. Bowlers are currently bowling on the Viper pattern. Next is the Cheetah.

"This is more of a challenge," said Rod Storm, who's bowled in the Classic League since the 1974-75 season. "They used to have a shot you could get away with. You could pull a shot and it would still get in the pocket. Not in this league.

"It's a tighter league. It definitely brings the better bowlers to the top. In other leagues, you don't have to be as good of a bowler to score. Here you have to have talent."

Westgate Bowl manager and Classic League bowler Dave Hultgren likes the fact that no team is running away with the league. Handicap is based off a 200 average, and no bowler gets more than 25 pins of handicap a game.

"Although people aren't scoring as well, after 10 weeks we've had nine different guys who've had the high score for the week," said Hultgren, who bowled a 689 last week to up his average to 175. "The league is wide open as far as who's going to the have the top average and who's going to win the team championship.

"This is what most tournaments are switching to. They're getting back to seeing who has more ability as compared to who has more carry."

John Glowczewski, who's won 10 city average titles, carries the top average in the league with a 197. He also has the league's only 700 (704).

Two-time defending average champion Josh Wenzel is at 194. Jeff Hubbard, who's currently sidelined with a knee injury, sits at 193, and Greg Schewe is carrying a 190 average.

That's it - four averages of 190 or better in the eight-team league.

"This year at the nationals in Albuquerque they're going to the sport-shot condition," Hultgren said. "They are a lot of people in this group going there."

Men's city tourney

Entry forms for this year's USBC Winona Bowling Association Men's City Tournament are now available at the bowling houses.

The event begins on Saturday, Jan. 12, and runs for two weekends at Winona Bowl. The team event is $75, while singles and doubles are both $15 per person. There is also an optional all-events division for $5.

All entries must be turned in to the bowling houses or to WBA secretary Bob Kosidowski by Dec. 8.

Who's hot?

It was a week of big scores for Winona women, with six bowlers throwing scores of 666 or better.

Maggie Glenn and Krystal Dorman led the way with 674 scores. Glenn's series came in the Sunsetters League at Westgate, while Dorman's was in the Lamplighter League at Winona Bowl. Dorman also had a 631 in the Spinners League.

It was quite a battle for the top spot in the Pin Topplers League at Westgate on Monday. Tina Wenzel led the way with a 672, Lindsay Serwa added a 669 and Jenny Glowczewski had a 666. Wenzel also turned in a 619 honor count last Thursday in the Sparklers League at Winona Bowl, where Shirley Benedict fired a 669.

Other 600s were rolled by Kim Kubis (636), Mandi Steffes (619), Tanya Schamaun (616), Pat Ellefson (604) and Keri Prigge (602).

The American League at Westgate dominated the men's action in the last week with six honor counts. Joe Jasnoch tossed a 299 game and 720 series. Dave Jumbeck also rolled a 720, while Jeremy Voshage (716), Larry Walters (710), Ryan Bell (707) and Dale Bartelson (701) also nailed honor counts.

The remaining 700s for the week came from Jeff Smelser (716), Tyler Brown (708), Kyle Malewicki (705) and Robbie Waldera (702).

Andy Jackson came close to his first career 300 game on Sunday in the Pinsetters League at Winona Bowl, but settled for a 297.



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