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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Viking View (12/19/2007)
By John Edstrom


Vikes eke out win on bad day

Purple uniforms must go, however...

Well fans, this is filed to you from a bed of pain, as I woke up this morning with the flu and am now hunched alternately over the computer and bucket (you wouldn't make that obvious joke about a sick man, would you?). Everything bad that I suspected would happen to the Purple Monday night did, except they didn't lose the game. During the four game streak, the Vikes received more than their fair share of good luck - balls bouncing their way, interceptions, etc. Monday night the they lost two fumbles, threw three interceptions, (one which bounced off Robert Ferguson's hands), and were able to find none of the balls that the Bears, in their turn, dropped. Tarvaris Jackson, after being built up to near stardom by a media running out of grist for its mill in the dregs of the season, reverted to his early season bag of tricks that had some calling him "Tarvarious." Let us just cite the interception tossed up before the end of the first half and let it go at that.

And the Bears played a pretty good game on defense, packing the line of scrimmage to stop Peterson and Taylor, and forcing Jackson to hold them to account by air, which he did only intermittently. If this game had been played earlier in the season, the offense would have totally unraveled and the defense eventually worn down. Instead, they held together well enough to eke out a win on a bad day. Good teams must do that.

How good is this team? Enough, I suspect, to be an even bet (no more) to finish 10-6, and have a fair chance of getting past the first round of the playoffs. I don't think they can play with the Pack or the Cowboys on the road and would need luck to get by one of the other division leaders. You would feel better about them if their rushing attack hadn't been shut down for the last two weeks, and if Jackson were more consistent. By now everyone is able to recite the mechanical faults that creep into his motion when he is off or under pressure. On the other hand, he has improved greatly thus far, and may continue to do so. The Purple has come a long way since earlier in the season when they had no passing offense at all. And while we're on that subject, may we hope to have seen the last of those purple uniforms? That much purple does not occur in nature, and creates after-images on the retina which are quite unpleasant. In fact the whole effect is a little nauseous...  


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