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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Viking View (01/16/2008)
By John Edstrom

Looks like the Cheese and the Pats in the Super Bowl

...unless, for sheer poetry, the Chargers and Giants

Well fans, not being primarily a fan of the Pack, I can say that it looks like they're going to the Super Bowl without putting in the jinx. And, with the relative ease with which the Cheese dispatched the Seahawks, compared to the struggles of the other playoff teams, I would say that they should not be facing prohibitive odds against the Pats. If only the Super Bowl could be played in a blinding snowstorm...

Of course, the Pack must first get by the surprising Giants, which is not a sure thing. If cold weather gives the Cheese an advantage, however, it will be to the maximum, temps ranging from 3 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit with a brisk breeze. And the game will be played after dark. The Giants are an outdoors team whose stadium is in northern New Jersey, but only rarely do they experience this kind of Siberian cold. They will undergo shock and awe.

In fact, I was thinking that conditions might rival, for sheer misery, those of the famed Ice Bowl, contested by Vince Lombardi's Packers and the Tom Landry Cowboys of 1967. No way, according to the Wikipedia article; that game was played in a -14 degree starting temperature with wind chills reaching down towards -50. This comparison will no doubt be a great comfort to the players Sunday night.

At least the fans, given the skimpy seats at Lambeau, and their ample hindquarters, (what with the diet of cheese, sausage, and beer that has adapted them for life under these conditions), will be packed in tightly for warmth. I nevertheless double-dare those louts in the cheap seats to remove their shirts. That would be worth a shot on network TV.

I expect you will see the Giants drop the ball a lot before going home in shivering defeat, as the Pack did, uncharacteristically, when last they visited the Bears in Chicago. As for the Patriots, I can't foresee them having too much trouble with the warm weather Chargers, whose QB, Philip Rivers, will likely not play on his gimpy knee in conditions that will be awful except in comparison to those out in the Midwest.

Look for the Pack to face the Pats in the Super Bowl, unless the gods toy with us by presenting a ticket of Chargers vs. Giants, the two good teams which the Purple defeated this year. 


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