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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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The Bowling Report (01/20/2008)

The opening weekend scores of the Winona Women's Bowling Association City Tournament at Westgate Bowl can be summed up in one word - impressive.

We are all well aware of the outstanding talent of the women bowlers in Winona. And they showcased that amazing talent last weekend.

The final shift on Saturday saw Mandi Steffes and her John Glow's Pro Shop team add their names to the city record book once again. Steffes rolled her second huge score in the last month with a 784 series (279-257-248), which is the third highest women's score ever in Winona.

Her John Glow's Pro Shop team captured the Division 1 title with a 3,506 series. That score ranks No. 2 all-time in the city. The only score that ranks higher is the 3,700 series the same team threw in league play on Nov. 19.

Keri Prigge also carried the hot hand Saturday with a 701 honor count. Adding 600s were Sue Yeoman (688), Keri Wegman (657), Julie Moldenhauer (655), Jenny Glowczewski (641), Diane Marley (634) and Angie Booher (607).

On Sunday, Krystal Dorman tossed the third 700 series in the team event with a 718 mark. Winona Bowl teammates Prigge (686) and Marley (637) helped their team to a second-place finish with a 3,355 series

Laurie Wiseman added a 639 series, and Tara Peter fired the first honor count of her career with a 617 to pace her Anytime Nails & More team to the Division 2 crown with a 3,423 score.

Singles and doubles will be held this weekend, and at the pace they're going, the scores could go through the roof.

Men's tournament

The Winona Bowl Pro Shop team from the Legion League at Winona Bowl headed into Saturday's final team shift with a big lead in the Winona Bowling Association Men's City Tournament at Winona Bowl.

The Pro Shop, paced by Jeff Fakler's 298 game and 742 series, rolled a 3,665 series. They also have the top scratch game (1,196) and scratch series (3,341) in the tourney. In second place is RTP/River City, also from the Legion League, with a 3,496 series.

Steve Nelton tossed his top score of the season with a 772 series for the high series in the team event. Other 700s came from Brian Fakler (735, 722), Bill Benedict (735), Mike Durnen (732), Jason Michalak (726), Jerry Franzwa (718), Brian Cierzan (714), Steve Walters (710), Adam Stockhausen (704) and Wes Palokangas (701).

There were also two shifts of singles and doubles held on Sunday. Jeff Besek leads the singles with a 794. He's also the scratch leader with a 749.

Chris Gardner and Dave Rinn lead doubles with a 1,434, while Stockhausen and Michalak are the scratch doubles leader with a 1,382.

Jade Skaar leads the all-events with a 2,182 score. Michalak has the top all-events scratch score with a 2,037.

Gardner (729) and Stockhausen (704) also tossed 700s in singles and doubles.

Gardner Memorial

Entry forms for the Geoff Gardner Memorial Bowling Tournament are available at Westgate Bowl and Winona Bowl. The event, which is a Baker doubles tourney with a maximum team average not exceeding than 400, is scheduled for March 1 at Westgate Bowl.

The cost is $40 per team, of which $32 will go into the prize fund. All teams will roll eight qualifying games. Teams that finish in the top eight (based on 32 teams) or top 16 (based on 64 teams) go into single-elimination match-play, which is a best-of-three match. This is a scratch tournament.

There is also a $200 jackpot to split for any teams that roll a 300 game. Other optional jackpots will be available.

The tournament, which is being held in honor of the late Geoff Gardner, is open to any sanctioned USBC bowler in Winona. Junior bowlers can also participate but must sign a USBC waiver. The entry deadline is Feb. 23.

Who's hot?

There's not much more Keri Prigge can do for an encore this season. On Jan. 2, she tossed the best highest women's series ever in Winona with an 812 in the Sunsetters League at Westgate Bowl.

Wednesday night, she was at it again. This time Prigge blasted a 770 series, which is the eighth highest score all-time and her fourth 700 of the year. She also rolled a 656 series Monday in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl.

Krystal Dorman also carried the hot hand with a 699 series Monday in the Spinners League and a 624 in the Lamplighter League. Tina Wenzel added a season-high 691 series in the Pin Topplers League, as well as a 619 last Thursday in the Sparklers League at Winona Bowl.

Also rolling multiple honor counts were Julie Moldenhauer (668, 612), Mandi Steffes (652, 641), Diane Marley (633, 610) and Lindsay Serwa (626, 623). Maggie Glenn added a 660 series, and Jenny Glowczewski (614) and Laurie Wiseman (613) also broke the 600 mark.

Brian Fakler's top series of the season, a 781 in the Blue Ribbon League at Winona Bowl, paced the men this past week. Craig Schultz rolled his first 700 of the season with a 758 in the Masters League at Westgate, and Joe Jasnoch came in with a 755 in the American League.

Other 700s in the past week were turned in by Nick Heilman (731), Steve Brown (730), Dennis Schewe Jr. (729), Jerry Koutsky (728), Paul Ciszak (726), Mike Ready (716), Ed Becker (716), Christ Brown (715), Bob Oebser (712), Brian Frank (708), Jeff Fakler (705), Russ Prenot (704) and Bill Benedict (700).

The Wellington's Pub team from the American League tallied a 1,347 game Tuesday night. That ranks as the fifth highest men's game in history.



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