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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Viking View (01/23/2008)
By John Edstrom

Salt water freezes at Lambeau

...I say we root for the eventual winner!

Well fans, we now know at what temperature salt water freezes: wherever the mercury stood when Brett Favre threw the interception in OT Sunday night, and the brine gushed down the aisles at Lambeau, congealing in seconds into frozen cataracts, ice sculptures of woe. And Favre had Driver open, too - he threw behind him so that the beaten defender could make the easy pick.

The only other game in which Favre threw so badly this season was down in Chicago under similar conditions. Who would have guessed that it would be the young guy, Eli Manning, who would be razor sharp in that howling waste. This was not the QB who took the field against the Vikes. Manning's passes were thrown on a dime to patterns that took only seconds to develop. No matter how quick the Green Bay rush got to him, he was able to get the ball out a half step earlier for the completion, more like Favre than Favre that night.

And it is not as though the Cheese helped their QB out with any kind of ground game. They never moved anyone off the line of scrimmage all night, and towards the end the Giants were able to disregard any threat from Ryan Grant and tee off on Favre.

Aside from the obvious happy ending here for Manning, you have to feel good for the Giants' place kicker, Lawrence Tynes, the object of Coach Tom Coughlin's classless, intemperate public anger when Tynes missed the first 36-yarder. Coughlin, cheeks winking like Budweiser signs in a tavern window, could hardly have handled the situation more stupidly; did he not think that his kicker might be needed again that night, and that his confidence might need some shot of encouragement other than a boot in the pants? (It's not as though Coughlin couldn't have had the man beheaded in the off-season when the time was ripe.)

It is instructive to imagine from what well of intestinal fortitude he summoned up the grace to kick that winning 47-yard FG under such pressure. Tynes is a man of obvious character, and should be held up as an example to youth.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the league, the Patriots slogged along and did what they had to do to win on a day when their QB played poorly. On Monday, Brady was spotted on the streets of New York, gimping his way to a girlfriend's apartment on a walking cast, with a mitt full of flowers. He claims he's going to be fine. Ah, youth!

Who to root for here, a legendary perfection on the one hand, or the doughty lads coming out of nowhere from New York? I say we should pull for the eventual winner. 


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