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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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The Bowling Report (03/30/2008)

A big average and big scores used to mean something to Seth Bonow in his younger days.

It wasn't that long ago - the 2001-02 season to be exact - that Bonow carried the high average in Winona with a 236. But that was when he bowled two or three times a week on high-scoring house conditions.

These days, it's all about adjusting and getting better on the tough conditions that concern Bonow. He's down to bowling full-time just one night a week, and that's in the PBA Experience Classic League at Westgate Bowl, where he's averaging in the lower 190s.

Bonow can still put up a big score, as he proved last Friday with a 781 national honor count in the Legion League at Winona Bowl.

But that's not what bowling is about these days for Bonow.

"Since bowling on the PBA shot, I bowl about once every three weeks at Winona Bowl," Bonow said. "I'm probably averaging 221 or 222. I want to stay on the tougher shot. If a big score happens, it happens. To me, average isn't a factor any more. I'm out there to make myself better on a tough shot. I think I could shoot 700 every night at Winona Bowl. I bring different equipment each week and challenge myself that way.

"I love the shot (in the PBA Experience League). It's challenging. It makes you learn your equipment. It makes you be a lot more consistent. I'm averaging 190-something. I go out there to shoot 600 every week. If I can do that, I can compete. It's helped me in the Cities and it's going to help me at Nationals this year."

Bonow continues to bowl in the Central Bowling Alliance, which holds tournaments in the Twin Cities area once a month. He's currently in 31st place, which includes a second-place finish, in the individual standings going into the year-end event May 10-11 at the new River City Lanes in Monticello.

"I'm staying afloat," Bonow said of the CBA status. "I took second in the very first tournament of the year and I've qualified in a couple others. It keeps me interested. I'm learning a lot more."

While some people are looking forward to enjoying a round of golf or a day on the river in the spring, Bonow will keep plenty busy on the lanes. Next weekend he'll compete in the Great River Open at Riverboat Lanes in Wabasha, where he took second place among amateurs a year ago. Among the wins in that event was a best-of-three victory over PBA pro Pete Weber, which earned Bonow a $500 bounty.

"Wabasha is a little more intense than the CBA tourneys," Bonow said. "It's a one-time thing. You lose head-to-head and you're done. It's like the Final Four - you have to bring your game and hopefully advance.

"Last year I barely qualified. I think I was seeded 27th. I came in the door on Sunday and saw I had to bowl Pete Weber. I was wondering if I should turn around and go home. I beat Pete Weber, then went all the way through until losing to Parker Bohn III in the semifinals."

On April 25 he heads to the USBC National Tournament in Albuquerque. Following the year-end CBA event, he jumps right back into the new CBA season in June.

Who's hot?

The lanes were certainly hot on Wednesday in the Wednesday Nite Trios League at Nordic Lanes in Rushford. Eric Hammell led the way with a 300 game and 791 series, while Jim Kitchens added a 750 series.

Aaron Serwa enjoyed a big night Tuesday with a season-high 777 series in the American League at Westgate Bowl.

Also rolling 700s in the past week were Chris Gardner (746), Jeff Besek (736), Greg Schewe (731, 715), Josh Wenzel (725), Dustin Brown (716), Steve Nelton (715), Nick Heilman (715), Tom Donnelly (709), Geoff Schewe (703) and Dennis Schewe Jr. (703).

Diane Marley turned in her second 700 in three weeks with a 704 series Wednesday in the Lamplighter League at Winona Bowl.

Big scores also came from Keri Wegman with a 693 in the Alley Gaters League at Westgate, Krystal Dorman with a 669 in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl, and Keri Prigge with a 668 in the Sunsetters League at Westgate and a 643 in the Spinners League.

Other women's 600 were rolled by Maggie Glenn (636), Lisa Peterson (616), Marley (606), Dorman (603), Rose Schultz (602) and Sue Yeoman (601).



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