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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Ordination of Roman Catholic woman May 4 (04/27/2008)
From: Kathy Redig

Kathy Redig, of Winona, MN will be ordained a Roman Catholic priest on May 4, 2008. Mary Smith of Long Lake, MN and Barbara Zeman of Chicago, IL will be ordained deacons in the same ceremony. All are members of the Midwest Region of the Roman Catholic Womenpriest movement. The ordaining Bishop stands in valid Apostolic succession. This will be the second ordination of women to the priesthood in Minnesota. The first Midwest Region ordination of two women to priesthood and three to the diaconate was in Minneapolis on August 12, 2007.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests are offering a renewed model of priestly ministry rooted in Jesus' example of inclusivity in the Gospels, not placing themselves outside the church. It is our hope that Roman Catholic women priests will one day be affirmed as faithful daughters of the church who offered the church a gift of a renewed priestly ministry in a community of equals modeled on Jesus in the Gospels. The first ordinations were held on the Danube in Germany in 2002.

Recent scholarship affirms that women were ordained in the first twelve hundred years of the church's history. The first half of the church's history provides us with images and accounts of the inclusion of women in Holy Orders that contradict the later prohibition. The evidence provides a tradition we reclaim.

We hold up heroic women in the church's tradition like Hildegard of Bingen, Joan of Arc and St. Theodora Guerin who obeyed God, followed their consciences and withstood hierarchical oppression including interdict, excommunication and death.

The Catholic Church teaches that a law of the church is authoritative only if it is "received" by the sensus fidelium, the community of faith. If the community of faith does not accept the law, it has no effect on us. All people have a moral obligation to disobey an unjust law. St. Augustine taught that an unjust law is no law at all. Since 70% of U.S. Catholics favor women's ordination and a growing majority of Catholics worldwide also favors women's ordination, we do not "receive" or accept the Church's prohibition against the ordination of women and the church's continued reliance on sexist metaphors, beliefs and assumptions for denying ordination to women. Contrary to the hierarchy's claim, there is no shortage of vocations to the priesthood, only shortsightedness about who has a vocation to priesthood.

The church teaching prohibiting women's ordination is not based on Scripture, tradition or the teaching authority (magisterium). In 1976, the Pontifical Biblical Commission concluded that there is no biblical reason to prohibit women's ordination. According to tradition, women were ordained deacons, priests and bishops in the first 1,200 hundred years of the church's history. The Roman Catholic Church teaches primacy of conscience. The prohibition against women's ordination is not infallible.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests are loyal members of the church who stand in the prophetic tradition of holy disobedience to an unjust law that discriminates against women. R

Pope Benedict XVI, wrote when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, in the commentary section of the Doctrine of Vatican II, volume V, page 134,: "Over the Pope as the expression of the binding claim of ecclesiastical authority, there still stands one's own conscience, which must be obeyed before all else, if necessary even against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority." Pope Benedict has not excommunicated any of the women who were ordained in Roman Catholic Womenpriests in North America.

Roman Catholic Church laws are often contradictory. In this instance, canon 1024 limits sacred orders to men, while canon 849 states that baptism is the gateway to the sacraments. Scholar Bishop Ida Raming, doctor of theology, points out a prior church understanding:  "some medieval canonists hold that not maleness but baptism is the pre-requisite for valid ordinations: "After being baptized, anyone may be validly ordained." (The Exclusion of Women from the Priesthood: Causes and Background)

Roman Catholic Womenpriests are leading the way to a renewed Roman Catholic Church in which the full equality of women will be a reality. Like Mary Magdalene, apostle to the apostles, and the women deacons, priests and bishops who served in the early centuries of our church, we are offering a model of a renewed priesthood in a community of equals.

How to Change God's

Unchangeable Word

From: Bill Steidtmann

Step 1 - Get a Diploma. The first step in changing God's unchangeable Word is to get yourself some respect. You need the power of authority. Jesus' disciples may have been "unlearned and ignorant men" (Acts 4:13), but that's not going to fly this time. You need a good solid argumentum ad verecundiam to work with, combined with a complementary condescension. Stand in front of a mirror and practice saying "Are YOU a Greek expert?" This will leave most of your critics virtually speechless. It is at this moment that you produce the only scripture that really matters, your diploma. In addition to flashing your credentials in public as much as possible, use religious phrases to reinforce their validity like "called and ordained servant of the Word". It may help to wear a robe, which all diploma recipients do anyway, so just wear yours all the time. With the right holy attitude and attire, no one will ever think to question whether God really ordained you or not, or whether any of the apostles had a diploma like you do. Now you're full qualified to pull the ol' switcheroo.

Step 2 - Choose a Bible. There are at least 300 different English Bibles to choose from, and each version of the unchangeable Word of God is different. Only two or three English Bibles make it difficult to change God's unchangeable words. You simply avoid those, and if anyone asks why, just tell them that those Bibles are the corrupt ones. Remember, the last thing you need is for anyone to realize that God's unchangeable words were not English words. If anyone does start to get a little too smart, refer them to a Bible dictionary where the definitions of the words in question originate from the same bunch who mistranslated them in the first place. This circular reasoning almost never fails.

Step 3 - Mistranslate the Words. Using a previously mistranslated Bible is something that every person can do, but for the ultimate deception, you really need to do your own work. Since Satan has already inspired the mistranslation of the absolutely critical word "aion" (and various others like "olam", "sheol", "hades", and "gehenna") in most English Bibles, you should concentrate on words that haven't been screwed up yet. Say for example, you wanted to make people think that God was just offering salvation, rather than securing it and giving it to whomever He willed. This verse will be problematic: 1 Tim 2:3b-4 (KJV) "...God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth." The easiest way to avoid the idea that God gets what God wants is to change the word "will" in this verse into the word "wish", so that God only wishes that everyone would be saved instead of willing it, like He's some kind of god or something (and definitely avoid verses like Psalm 135:6 where God makes it sound that way). If anyone suggests that all of God's wishes come true, try to laugh without showing how nervous that makes you feel.

Step 4 - Viva la Resistance. Defend the Bible you chose in Step 2 (or your own from Step 3) with a deep passionate conviction. Remind people that God's Word is infallible, and then imply that the English Bible you chose is exactly that. If someone points out that translations of those infallible words are all too fallible, and that all the original manuscripts of the Bible have either been lost or destroyed, try to deflect their focus away from the real issue, by going right back to your corrupt Bible and scaring them with some "eternal damnation" verses. Perfect love may cast out all fear, but your job is to cast as much eternal hellfire fear into them as possible. Regarding the various words mentioned in Step 3, under no circumstances should they ever be discussed. Learn to change the subject when the subject is the change!

Step 5 - Relax, Have a Beer. Since the difficult work of mistranslating the Bible has been done already, there really isn't anything you need to do except sit back and watch all the insanity unfold. You'll know that things are going according to plan when you see the inevitable madness that comes from thinking that God is going to burn 90% of humanity forever, without the mercy that endures forever, in the fires of Hell. For example, you may hear that God is omnipresent, and Hell is where God is not, or that Christ descended into a Christless hell, only to discover it aint possible to be where you aint. Or that Hell is a "living death", just as surely as white is black and up is down. Or that God wants you to pray "Thy will be done", but His will to save everyone is not going to happen, so the answer to your pray is "NO.", because all things are possible with God except for Him getting what He wants. Or when you hear a message about the "gospel" look for statements like: "There is nothing you can do to save yourself", followed shortly thereafter with: "All you have to do to save yourself is ..." This is why you will need that beer, to stay sane and remain calm in the face of this kind of logic.

The word the Lord gave me -


From: Lorayne Wernecke


It has been a while since I wrote anything. Many things happening. My husband is very ill; we are taking care of him right here at Callista Court, with the help of the doctors and nurses. Also many changes in jobs within the family, some moves, but lots to think about.

Most of all I have not been listening to "the Lord's still small voice" so I don't hear what He has been telling me.

The other morning I was studying and praying and listening for a change and He gave me this word - "hellowgrnics," and told me it meant to worship, honor, love and praise only the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. To glorify the Lord Jesus and thank Him for His death on the Cross, and shedding His precious holy blood for our families and only this can protect us and people we are praying for.

Satan cannot stand the sight of Jesus' holy blood and will go away and not bother people who are covered with it and are protected by it.

He also encouraged us to worship Him at all times of the day, not just in church, prayer groups or Bible study, but by ourselves. This is the best time to hear His "still small voice" and understand what He is telling us personally.

I want to be doing His will and to be used by Him only. In Jesus' name.



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