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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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The Alchemist (05/28/2008)
By Al Thomas


Let's all thank the environmental whackos for their diligence in preventing drilling for oil in Alaska, Colorado, Utah, offshore of California, New Jersey and Florida.

There may be a few places missed. You whackos don't know what a great service you have done for our country and maybe the world. Thanks for the high priced gas.

In 20 or 30 years the U.S. is going to become not only self sufficient, but maybe even an exporter to China, India and even Saudi Arabia as they pump their last drops from beneath the sun-baked sand.

What seems to be short term stupidity of these narrow minded idiots will seem like long term genius in the years 2040 and 2050. Then the world will be kissing our hind end to buy our oil as we will be one of the last remaining huge oil reserves.

By then we will be drilling in all those places and be damned the polar bears, sea otters, butterflies and other assorted creatures. Natural selection will rear it ugly head again. Man is the top of the food chain. Let's hope it doesn't cause a war.

By then (2050) the fight could be over potable water and how to limit world population growth. That's the real problem - too many people.

The "green people" will have long given up their fight to restrict oil production because they will want to bring gas prices down to $8.00 a gallon. $15.00, they will claim, is too high.

I'm not kidding. That is the course we are on now.

Make them uncomfortable enough and their hearts and minds will follow.

That politically correct stupid you voted for in Congress is determined to let the whackos have their way - no matter what it costs YOU. They gave him money to have him re-elected - again and again. What did you give him? Your vote. Are you going to do that next time?

It is not necessary to send our money overseas for petroleum. The U.S. has 5 times more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. Congress could allow drilling to start any time.

Thanks to the whackos we are saving that oil for a rainy day. Well, not exactly rainy; if it is hot and humid you won't be allowed to turn on your air conditioner. Congress might even outlaw manufacturing of A.C. units. Don't laugh. They have done dumber things. Try ethanol or farm subsidies for nearby examples.

The world is not going to run out of oil, coal, wind, water or sun. Or obstructionists who don't want to tap those resources "for your own good". Of course, they are a lot smarter than the rest of us.

Next time you vote just remember how grateful you are to all those environmental whackos. Maybe they can get oil up over $200. Thanks a lot.

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