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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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A Matter of Faith (06/15/2008)
Without excuse

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Since deception is becoming more and more prevalent around the world and since it is gaining a strong foothold in more and more churches, we need to bring to the world yet another reminder or warning about this dire dilemma. Many more people are being added to the multitude of people having been led astray by the deception of man. Millions could respond to this question: "Would we have known about the truth of Scripture if someone had not brought these truths of Scripture to our attention?" Can baseball players sign a snowball?

When people have been indoctrinated with untruthfulness all of their lives, they eventually end up believing that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. When untruthfulness is presented to those who are completely illiterate about Scripture, they are easily fooled into accepting anything that is not of Scripture. If they are weaned on falsehood, beginning at a very young age, they will eventually assume and believe that falsehood is truth. They will reach the point where scriptural truth will sound foreign and it will be unacceptable to them. Error becomes truth and remains as truth to them.

If deceived parents pass on untruthfulness to their children, these children are going to accept their parents falsehood as being truthful or factual. Without the intervention of God's Holy Spirit, it is going to be nigh on impossible to change the hearts of the parents or the children, especially when falsehood has been soundly mixed into the hearts of families for generations.

There are untold millions (perhaps billions?) who are attending churches where God's word is not being presented or expounded upon truthfully. How has this deviation from truth come upon us? It has engulfed us because people have not read nor understood the word of God. Clergymen of many, many churches preach and teach from a book other than the Bible and many tell us not to read from the Bible. When this happens, it is time to say bye-bye for good.

What is the antidote to worldwide deception? We can pray that God will touch and convict the hearts of those who are preaching and teaching falsehood. We can warn and show the deceived (from the Bible) that what they believe in is not scriptural.

Many churchgoers are unaware of their spiritual death (separation from God - forever) as a result of their being gorged or steeped with unscriptural fodder, of their lack of scriptural nutrition. Many churchgoers are being deprived of biblical truth because the preachers, more than likely, have also been deceived and are feeding on poisonous, unscriptural food.

Many unwary sheep are being kept from good pasture (where God's truth is) and are oblivious to the eternal consequences of Satan's deception. They do not realize that Satan's co-laborers are leading them to a place of eternal damnation. They are not mindful that they are being fed poisonous, worthless, unintelligible mumbo-jumbo.

Truth-lacking people need to be warned, but - beware! Many times the vitriol's or arrows of resentment ("How dare you tell me that my church is deceiving me!") will shoot forth in defense of such long-embedded error. Even so, they need to be told about God's truth so that they will not speak these words to God on Judgment Day - "I didn't know! I didn't know!"

The key to opening our eyes to falsehood is to know Scripture, so that we will clearly realize when we are being deceived. The more knowledgeable we become of Scripture, then that which is not scriptural will become quite obvious to us.

What can change the heart of someone who is relying on the worthlessness of falsehood, of tradition, of sacraments? God's Bible and God's Holy Spirit can do the impossible. Even though many have fled churches that were feeding them with damnable, unscriptural invention, most are still being held in the snare of Satan's deception: falsehood, tradition, and sacraments.

We must continue to warn those who are blindly following the deceivers of truth, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin (like lemmings), to an inevitable, doomful end - for eternity. Prayerfully and knowledgeably the deceived and the deceivers will soon become aware of their lost condition, of the error of their ways, of their eternal destination. What an eye-opener and joyful moment this will be to them! Once they know God's truth, they will be without excuse. PTL

Ponder Galatians 5:1 Titus 2:7-8 I Timothy 4:13 Proverbs 4:13-16



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