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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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The Fatima message (07/06/2008)
From: John Schreiber

How many Catholics noticed one again the Winona Diocese newspaper May 2008 issue used the excuse of Pope Benedict XVI's trip to the United States not to mention the 91st anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. I was one of the very few who was disappointed in what he said or what he failed to say, not once did he mention the name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, but then one has to keep in mind the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65 in its attempt to modernize the Catholic Church was to downplay the Virgin Mary's role in it. Pope Benedict took part in that downplaying, what has been the result of that modernizing?

In the Winona Daily News (April 15, 2008, Page 10A) "Liberal and conservative Catholics are still at odds over the modernizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s." Again in the Winona Daily News (April 6, 2008, Page 9A) goes on to say about half of Catholics born before the 1960s say they attend Mass at least once a week compared with only ten percent of those born since or after the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65. What does this tell you?

Once again this is excerpted from the Reverend Robert J. Fox's book "Rediscovering Fatima."

We should note the careful analysis by Father Alonso, who next to Sister Lucia was, until his death (September 21, 1981), the foremost living authority on Fatima. His comments on the importance of the third part of the secret (or message) that Our Lady gave the children at the June 13th apparition may stand as the best available opinion on a complicated and controversial subject:

Father Alonso: "It is quite possible that the message not only speaks of a ‘crisis of faith' in the church during this period, but also that it makes concrete references to internal strife among Catholics and to the deficiencies even among the upper ranks of the hierarchy."

He goes on to give his reason why Sister Lucia had such great difficulty in writing the final part of the secret. But if it were a matter of internal strife within the church and of serious pastoral negligence on the part of high ranking members of the hierarchy, we can understand how Lucia experienced a repugnance that was almost impossible to overcome.

Is there internal strife within the Catholic Church today? Remember the old, powerful church prior to the modernizing of Vatican II which is called today "The Society of St. Pius X," which never accepted the teaching of Vatican II. Now there is a group known as Roman Catholic Womenpriests who have challenged the church's teaching on the priesthood. Yes indeed, there is internal strife in the Catholic Church today.

Has there been serious pastoral negligence? No question about that one is there? Pope Benedict on his trip to the U.S. spent a great deal of his time to apologize for it.

The question now is why has the church chose not to promote but to hide the true third secret of Fatima from its people? According to Soul Magazine (national Catholic magazine March-April 1998 issue) it said it conflicted with Pope John XXIII's policy of "optimism at all costs" and all popes from that time are "prisoners" of his decision. In fact, how can they admit that not heeding even divine warnings he did not take prudent measures to head off the predicted crisis in the church.

So successful has been the effort by the church not to promote but to hide the Fatima message from its people since 1960, that 95 percent of Catholics know nothing of the Fatima message today, according to Bishop Sullivan (Soul Magazine Nov.-Dec. 1997 issue).



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